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Recommendations for work with PXI Systems.

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In a few days my team and me will start a project and I'm a little anxious because I've never work with PXI Systems... If anyone want to tell me a tip, recommendation or something about your experience with this systems, you'll welcome. I'm one of the developers in the crew!.

I've experience with cRIO and cDAQ. :thumbup1:



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You didn't specify the operating system on your PXI but I assume it is RT, it can be Windows as well at which point developing on the system should be pretty easy.  If you're already familiar with RT on cRIO and cDAQ, then PXI should be no problem.  You configure the devices in MAX just like any other remote device, and can setup virtual channels or other basic things there.  Then in the project you add your target, write your VIs and run them there which get deployed.  There really isn't any other considerations between a cRIO and PXI.  If anything I'd say the cRIO can be more complicated due to the FPGA in the mix.  Afterwards you create a build of your application and deploy it.

EDIT:  Oh and if you really want to test deploying to RT devices you can load up a virtual machine and deploy to it as if it were a PXI with no hardware.

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