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smallest FP size


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Is anyone aware of a limitation on what the smallest possible FP size is? On LV 2017, I am under the impression that this is 116x41 on one windows machine, and 1x1 on a linux. Known issue, WM, or deserves a CAR?

The reason I'm asking: I'm fiddling with the cosmetics of an Xcontrol. I would have nothing against a larger transparent border, but when I webpublish the big FP using it, the large transparent border turns grey on the snap png.

ETA:, ah, https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/How-to-set-front-panel-size-to-be-same-as-one-led/td-p/1565524

ETA2: ok, tried the snippet of that thread and get either no reduction or eloquent "Error 1 occurred at Property Node (arg 1) - Command requires GPIB Controller to be Controller-In-Charge" for tighter sizes.:rolleyes:


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Error 1 is not only a GPIB controller error but also the canonical "Invalid Argument" error. And since there is obviously no GPIB node involved here (it's the old 488 and 488.2 GPIB functions that return such errors, not the VISA nodes, so it is actually VERY unlikely that anyone nowadays is even running software that uses them) it must mean that the property node considers the value you pass to it to be an "Invalid Argument". 😀

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I am able to set panels to 1x1 in Windows 10, LabVIEW 2016-2018.  Note that the VI saves with size 1x1, but the panel widens to show the run button when you open the vi.

In some subpanel code I am working on in LabVIEW 2016, I found that any pane containing subpanels set to fit control to pane can't shrink below 5x5 without throwing error 1.

Panel Size Debug 2016.vi

Panel Size Debug 2017.vi

Panel Size Debug 2018.vi

Panel Size Debug Subpanels 2016.vi

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I'm not really sure about what is going on. I left the thread dangling because at the time I wrote I ultimately got away with a minimal size which was about right for my application, but there are certainly some limitations. This is the code I ended up using; and just checking it blindly today (linux, LV2017), I see that for the particular VI I try to resize, the minimal size is 50x20, otherwise Error 1 (the VI has all window decorations turned off). I haven't found a correlation between these numbers and what is shown on that FP (controls, menubars, title), maybe there is. I might try to investigate further someday.



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