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Communicator based on tcp protocol

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I have written two programs client and server. The general idea is to make it a simple communicator on a local network to send three types of data string, 2 dimensional matrix and image + null message. For now the server sends data and the client receives. Ideally the two programs should be able to both receive and send data. However, I am most concerned about error 91 (Error 91 occurred at Variant To Data in CLIENT.vi). This may be related to the fact that when a timeout occurs, data is sent that the client does not know how to handle. How to maintain communication between the two applications? Probably this is something trivial that I can't see. I would appreciate your help. Programs are in this zip file.


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16 hours ago, betnow21 said:

make it a simple communicator

Simple, huh? :D 

16 hours ago, betnow21 said:

am most concerned about error 91 (Error 91 occurred at Variant To Data in CLIENT.vi)

That is a symptom, not the problem. You get that error because if there is a read error (your server shuts down the connection, read timeout or whatever), you still enqueue a message even when there is no data (and you have zero error handling).

Wire the error terminal on the "Producer" to the enqueue and it will reveal the real error (probably 66). This will ensure when there is an error, no data is enqueued to the upper loop which should be named the consumer-you have them switched. The TCP read Produces the data and your upper loop Consumes the data.



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