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QUOTE(LV Punk @ Jun 26 2007, 04:44 PM)

I'm taking the Advanced I classes now (last day tomorrow) and the trainer (Nancy Hollenback of National Analytics) gave us an updated CLA outline dated April 2007 that is also on the NI website, here (PDF). On pages 7-8 it lists items including X-Controls. I don't know about the re-cert, but it would make sense that they include subjects/technologies that weren't present in the previous test...

I think that the key to taking the tests is going in with a plan -- basically a template in your head for a generic solution that you can apply to any problem. The better your template solution is, the better you will score (it is worthwhile to try to implement this solution before you are taking the test). Also, a really good starting point for testing your approach is to look at the three example CLD exams on NIs CLD website.

That said, I was really relieved to have passed!

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QUOTE(tcplomp @ Oct 18 2007, 12:53 PM)

Yes, I've passed my CLD!!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

Time wasn't that critical, the code was done in 3 hours, left me with plenty of time to pixel-f### on little details.

Missed a few points on style, made me want to relook at the code...


Congratulations, :star:

I remember getting one point from full score, just because a wire was not completely straight :wacko:

I really hate those small mistakes.


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QUOTE(LV Punk @ Oct 18 2007, 01:51 PM)

I ran out of time; I guess I'm too slow or just not up to snuff... :(

I also had problems with the time - but I made it the first time...

I think the most important is to have a good style (documentation etc.) ...

And a week ago I just received the instructions to renew my NI LabVIEW Developer certification...

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QUOTE(JFM @ Oct 18 2007, 01:43 PM)

That was one of my 3 missing points, another one for coercion, and one for the fact errors weren't always hadled properly.

QUOTE(LV Punk @ Oct 18 2007, 01:51 PM)

Congratulations! Was that your first attempt? I ran out of time; I guess I'm too slow or just not up to snuff...

Yes, it was my first time. I know I can code fast but my advise is understand what you want to do. My colleague had quite some problems reading the text. But he made it with missing functionality.


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QUOTE(orko @ Jun 11 2007, 11:45 PM)

I'm especially interested in what people *expected* versus what they *experienced* when they took the CLA exam.

I took my CLA recertification exam in June this year.

The written part consisted of a lot of questions that had to be answered in your own words. Quite a few of them seemed to target topics from the course "LabVIEW Advanced I - Architectures", so it's definitely a good idea to review this manual before taking the test!

There were some questions for which you cannot give the one and only correct answer. It looks as if NI only wants to see that you are able to think for yourself :)

The programming part was a project that's quite a bit larger than the one from the CLD exam. One important thing to keep in mind during the whole exam: You are not supposed to deliver a working application! You are supposed to show your skill as a LV architect, which means you should define the complete architecture of the application, so that others can implement it by filling in the gaps you left.

This means you have to wire the complete state machine (or whatever you use) and create all the sub VIs, including their icons, connectors and descriptions. The descriptions have to be sufficient to tell another programmer what to implement at this point.

I found it quite difficult to really stick to the architecture without wasting a lot of time implementing details. Because of this, I didn't finish the practical part (4 hours can be such a short time! :wacko: ). In the end, I really wasn't shure if I passed or failed, so I was very nervous for the next weeks.

I really wouldn't call the challenges in the CLA exam easy, but NI seems to make up for that by correcting in quite a friendly fashion, so it ended well for me :thumbup:

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QUOTE (skof @ May 15 2007, 11:27 PM)

To don't create a new topic... I'm going to take my CLAD test next Wednesday. What is your experience with CLAD (if you still remember that :) )? I've passed NI LabView Fundamentals online exam, does it about the same as CLAD test or CLAD is more difficult?

CLAD is the similar with the online test.take it easy !wish you good luck !

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