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  1. Yes it is, both ways. I'm glad you like it There is a new release which adds support for composition of maps and sets. Here is an example of what you can do with it: This is actually a very smart way of doing it. My library takes the keys and values apart into individual arrays. A key-value-pair is certainly easier to work with...
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  2. BTW, one other use case I've had is "Multiple applications read/write to common config file", which requires careful thinking about preventing one App from overriding changes made by another App.
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  3. Oh, and by the way, the VIP is now available on vipm.io : https://www.vipm.io/package/lv_toml/
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  4. Version 1.5.4


    Package for working with JSON. Uses high-speed text parsing, rather than building an intermediate representation as with prior LabVIEW JSON libraries (this is much faster). Allows easy working with "subitems" in JSON format, or one can convert to/from LabVIEW types. Uses the new "malleable VIs" of LabVIEW 2017 to convert to any LabVIEW type directly. JSON text makes use of a form a JSON Path notation, allowing easy and rapid access to the subitems of interest. Requires LabVIEW 2017 and install by VIPM 2017 or later. Original conversation about JSONtext. On the LabVIEW To
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  5. Yair- Works! For our application, I just had to add a SetWindowPos (hWndInsertAfter = -1) afterward to keep the window in front (topmost)... Thanks for the help! Set Calling VI Wnd Topmost & Active.vi
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