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  1. I would be curious to know the answer to that question as well as I had to trained several users in one of my customer about the meaning of that message and about the fact that they should not close that "MATLAB Command Window". PJM
  2. Oops, I never realized that native English speaker never got that "pb" abbreviation. I shall be more careful in the future... Thanks Antoine for the translation PJM
  3. My customer tried to isolated it but he was not very successful. One of the work around that has worked for me in the past (when dealing with this issue [1502]), was to isolate the lvclass with problems in a separate virtual folder in the project, then create a separate rule (as dynamic VI) in the build spec. We were initially successful with this approach (after we pealed off all we could except the dependencies and ancestor from the project) but as soon as my customer started to add back the other classes in, they also start to brake with error 1502. I would LOVE to be able to isolate this
  4. I don't think that this is the case (but I will check to be sure). In our situation, the lvclass contain a DVR to a strictly typed cluster. Something that I forgot to mention is that this is happening with LV 2009 service patch one. PJM
  5. I have a very similar thing happen to my customer. He use a lot of classes and he keep getting error 1502 (Cannot save a bad VI without its block diagram.) [Note: Everything run fine in the IDE, nothing broken]. He spent several days trying to fix this, without success. For now he has to enable the debugging flag to be able to build an exe. Between this error (1502) and error 6 (file I/O=Path too long), building an executable is getting really difficult. This really need to get fixed. PJM
  6. Sorry, I missed that post Did you ever got that fixed? Note: The "Compiling Hierarchy" is running in the IDE and should eventually finished after sometime. After it does, I think that VIPM should no longer show that "connecting to LV" status. Thanks PJM
  7. This error 6 is actually a major pain in the behind when building executable in LabVIEW 2009. I think that LabVIEW should be smarter about it and detect when the path is too long and if necessary rename/relocate the offending VI(s) so it just worked. For most people this solution would be ideal. For people doing some more fancy stuff like calling VI dynamically by path in the build executable, a log file (containing the original and new VI name/path) should be created. At the very least, the error message should be improve to point the person attempting to build the executable in the right
  8. Graeme, That "AppEXEConfig.vi" is pretty cool and interesting. I learned something. Thanks PJM
  9. An answer to both "question" is FIRST Robotics. Dean Kamen started this as a mechanism to get kid interested in science in general (and in computer science since there is a programming part to the challenge). NI, from a year ago, has become a partner and is donating cRIO with LabVIEW copy for programming and controlling the robot. There might be other effort(s) from NI side, but I do not know about it. PJM
  10. Since we are side tracking into SF... I just watched Avatar (in 3d) yesterday and this is a visually amazing movie. All of you geek/nerd (pick the one you like the best ) should go and see it. PJM
  11. I did not looked at that part of the code, so no I don't know. But I suspect it used the scripting method to read tag data. PJM
  12. As far as I know, the image data does not have layer information but instead the "merged" (flatten) layer data. It is my understanding the the layer data is stored as tag in the VI file and they are not accessible through the get as image data method. PJM
  13. Nice trick with the NI_Library:thumbup1:. I did not know about it. I think that the new icon editor works very well (and is faster) if you use template, icon text and existing glyphs. For everything else, it is a lot more difficult to use than the old one. PJM
  14. New Feature Request: * I think the "Insert case here" should duplicate a separator case (a case named "---------- UI ----------" for example) so all the necessary wire are already connected (error, application data, queue, ...). Alternatively, create a new command called "Duplicate case here" that does what I explain above. * The caseselect windows title should have the VI name in it so it is easy to know which one I am looking at when I have more than one case select editor opened. I actually think that nothing else beside the VI name is needed. PJM
  15. Thank you VERY much. I guess I have been so disappointed by this new feature that I did not post all the issues I found with it. I will do that quickly here: If you have an array the direction key use to navigate the array are not working properly (only the down one is working). If you try to use the navigation key to navigate a long string or long path (not completely visible) this work badly (all keys are not working). When you detach a cluster that is small enough to completely fit on your screen, you now get scroll bar on the detached probe where there should be none (this is very an
  16. I use Paint Shop Pro too (although I have not upgrade to the latest version). PJM
  17. Are you using some tools that have some scripting in it? I know (because the RCF use to have this pb) that using some scripting action will flush your undo buffer and you end up with only one undo (regardless of what you set the ini settings). Just a though. PJM
  18. Fran├žois, Good catch. You should probably report that to NI there (http://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/enhanced-icon-editor-2009) because I think this is an issue with already existing underlying IE code. Thanks PJM
  19. Even easier, just rename Open <labview>\resource\plugins\lv_icons.vi to something else and then only the old icon editor will show. PJM
  20. Regardless of the answer to this question, keep coding. I want more features now! PJM
  21. Good Catch, I will put that on my list. Ya, I though so do, but the way the layer are implemented (each layer is a cluster and there are a fix amount [meaning this is actually not an array]) this will require quite a bit of work. You mean the move, delete, create ... layer buttons? Interesting idea. Good idea too. PJM
  22. NI Community Spellchecker suggestion for LabVIEW Silly me, I never made the connection... PJM
  23. New version available: Version 1.6: [New Feature] CTRL Key will show the color picker while the text tool is selected. [bug Fix] Mouse coordinate drawing in icon was off by (3,3) pixels (the picture control edge thickness). Get it here. PJM
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