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  1. If one where to compare OSX and Windows (based on the previous statement) one would have to conclude that a Mac must be a lot lighter than a PC PJM
  2. XML is a very useful format to share data between application. Additionally if you ever need to edit it, you can use Microsoft XML Notepad. This is a very nice free tool that does show the XML in a hierarchical tree control. So if your customers are a bit "scare" of this new file format, you can recommend XML Notepad as a viewer / editor. PJM
  3. I was not planning to, but now that you mention it... It is actually pretty easy to get that behavior. Pretty easily using the control mouse down and mouse up along with pane mouse move. See here for a bit more info (although this outline a performance issue). I think the UI "runtime reorganization capabilities" did mask some UI design concern that I have. For instance the current icon editor use a tree control to select the glyph category or template category. I replaced it by a ring control. Any comments about that? Any other usability comments with this new design? PJM
  4. In the following video you will see that, for some unknown reason, register for events (mouse move) seem to suffer from performance issues compare to the same code that do not use the register for events but the "static" mouse move event. If the first part of the video, the code use the "Pane": Mouse Move static event and the result is very snappy and fast. In the second part I change this to use the mouse move pane registered event and suddenly everything is a lot more sluggish (and it is not usable). This is too bad because the event registration make for nicer reusable code...
  5. I have been toying around with a more radical UI design change. First of all, I am not a big fan of tab control. Secondly, I want to try to get a UI customizable enough that it can cater to as many people as possible. Here is what I came up thus far (note: this is mostly just a UI mock up and it has very little functionality). <object width="1068" height="546"> <param name="movie" value="http://content.screencast.com/users/PJM_LabVIEW/folders/Jing/media/14a79ed5-ef03-4870-94f1-66a1b789dd21/jingswfplayer.swf"></param>'>http://content.screencast.com/users/PJM_LabVIEW/fo
  6. Yes, this is what you need. This is actually what the RCF is using. PJM
  7. Did you report this as a bug to NI yet? PJM
  8. I also have been using this method for years to simulate alpha blending in a picture control. Another use case for this is in a tree control where you could get (png) glyphs to perfectly blend with the tree control background color. I am very glad that the alpha channel was left in the png image data. PJM
  9. I have seen the same problem. The execution highlighting is screwing the BD graying out display in LabVIEW 2009. I think this issues is with debugging in structures (the structure don't "un-grey" as they used to). In the screenshot below, if you are wondering where is the execution, it is where the read arrow is pointing... I think this is a bug. PJM
  10. I am also suffering from the duplicate issue. For instance the last 4 entries on the "Replying to RSS Threads" thread + one post on the "Re-entrant VI with Front Panel" thread and I end up with 40 extra duplicate entries in Thunderbird. I am getting several hundred (sometime even over a 1000) duplicate entries daily since the switch to LAVA 2.0. PJM
  11. I hear you! If I had used that probe window (during the beta) as extensively as I am now, I would have also been extremely vocal about it. There are many issues (from performance [ie LV freeze or large data structure]) to usability and so on that I think this is the poorest feature in LV 2009. I guess I should probably start a new thread about this. PJM
  12. I skimmed through the thread quickly so I apologize if this has already been said. Instantiating a reentrant VI is way faster than instantiating a vit. There are some things (UI wize) that you can not do with reentrant instances. For example, each reentrant instance share the same tip strips (or documentation) for their controls (this could be problematic depending on your use case). PJM
  13. Yes, version 1.2 or greater of the installer automatically backup the existing icon editor prior to installing the new one (uninstalling it will restore the backup version). Note: If you already have modified the existing icon editor then the modified icon editor will be backup. This is part of the release note, but I will make that more obvious. According to NI (on the Enhanced Icon Editor group): "The Icon Editor is 99.9% open source." What this mean exactly I am not entirely sure (since no license is attached to this statement). PJM
  14. I noticed this but I though it was the same in previous version. This is good to know that there is a fix. PJM
  15. Hehe This is one way to become famous! Hey Nick around you around? PJM
  16. The 50 ms is there so people can easily replicate the bug. I discover this issue with an operation that is way faster (where I have built in smart to not do unnecessary computation). The funny thing with this bug is that every so often you grab the scroll bar and everything works great for as long as you keep moving is around (there is basically no way to make it fail). This is why I think there is some sort of issue that goes beyond the obvious (which is to limit what to do in this event frame). PJM
  17. New Version available: Version 1.5: [New Feature] Add a "Merge All User Layers" button. [New Feature] Optimize glyph display by removing unnecessary blank space between glyphs (went from 6x6 grid to 8x8 grid). [New Feature] Automatically update the "glyph path string" as the mouse move over the glyphs. [bug fix] Car 183609: Glyph path string is not reset when a glyph is dropped (or when a new category is selected). [bug Fix] Scrolling the glyph array should not update the glyph path string. [bug Fix] "Glyph path string" should not be click-able (disable it). [Change/ Bug Fix] Picking whit
  18. This has been tested on LabVIEW 2009: If you run the attached VI you will see that the scrolling will stop even tough you did not "mouse up". If you remove the mouse move event, everything is back to normal. Somehow the mouse move event is interfering with the scrolling. <object width="886" height="530"> <param name="movie" value="http://content.screencast.com/users/PJM_LabVIEW/folders/Jing/media/01db0d71-dee8-4cff-89e4-753c60f812f2/jingswfplayer.swf"></param>'>http://content.screencast.com/users/PJM_LabVIEW/folders/Jing/media/01db0d71-dee8-4cff-89e4-753c60f812
  19. I know nothing about solaris, but I just google "mount UFS windows" and the first hit is a driver that " FFS File System Driver for Windows enables you to read BSD(FreeBSD,NetBSD, OpenBSD) FFS(UFS) partitions from Windows 2000/XP/2003." [http://ffsdrv.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php] The second hit is another sourceforge tool that "A tool that allows mounting NTFS partitions read-only under Solaris aswell as a tool that allows reading Solaris partitions from Windows(mounting Solaris partitions read-only under Windows is planned for thefuture.)" [http://sourceforge.net/projects/mount-ntfs/fil
  20. I add this request for controlling this on the idea exchange: Add setting to automatically float new probes in LabVIEW 2009 Probe Watch Window. PJM
  21. I also like the probe window (I like the centralized location). For the use case I mention, for some reasons (even when I have enough room to read the entire value) this does not work for me. I am trying to change my habit, (but so far I still have to detach the probes) when I look at the stuff in a table it is very quickly very difficult to figure out which probe is what. For instance I put probes on the same cluster wire after and before I operate on it. With floating probe I basically put on probe on the left (the "before") and on probe on the right (the "after"). from that point on I don'
  22. New Version available: Version 1.4: [Cosmetic Change] Major redesign of the layer control visual aspect. [bug Fix] The text marker (^) is hidden behind other objects. [bug Fix] CAR 182992 File save (template or glyph) failed if the hierarchy has folder with a dot in its name. [bug Fix] Flush glyph filter when changing glyph category. [New Feature] Glyph filter works only on the visible category and does not reset the category to all anymore. Get if here. PJM
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