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  1. Do I really need to (see below)? I actually don't mind it too much in regular VI, but I do not like it at all in state machine. PJM
  2. I tried very hard to use Auto-Grow (I kept using it for over 2 years) and eventually I gave up. I eventually saw more draw backs in using it than advantages. So, I have to disagree too. PJM
  3. I actually saw a an example somewhere (maybe on NI website ) from somebody that created a Tab control using a picture control (this was prior to NI having a native tab control). PJM
  4. Note: This is a cross post (NI- Forum). PJM
  5. This is a bummer (in my opinion I am "loosing" a column of about 120 to 150 pixels of real estate space because of this). I will try to remember to ping you about it at NI week. PJM
  6. In LabVIEW 8.6 I am unable to horizontally shrink the project explorer window below a certain point (~ 360 pixels). This used to be possible in previous LabVIEW version (ex LV 8.2). Is there a way to re-enable this (maybe an ini key)? PJM
  7. I have no idea why you would want to do that but here it is: PJM
  8. QUOTE (normandinf @ May 12 2009, 07:02 PM) I agree, the CBR is way too strict (no pun intended). I also prefer to use the run method, but I would even consider using other mechanism to pass the data to the plugin (than the set input value). The goal being to limit code change when the plugin interface changes. By the way, if you use CBR, just create a control with the right type (connector pane) on your plugin caller and you will be ok. Of course all your plugins must have the same connector pane in that situation. PJM
  9. QUOTE (huotom @ May 9 2009, 12:42 AM) This is now part of LabVIEW 8.6 http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_05_2009/post-121-1241890575.png' target="_blank"> PJM
  10. QUOTE (jzoller @ May 6 2009, 02:18 PM) Ya, system VIs (not a flag but a property or method ). But again this is easy to work around this. PJM
  11. QUOTE (neBulus @ May 1 2009, 06:49 AM) I have had a lot of questions about the profiler since LV 8.0. I believe something was changed somewhere so that it does no longer behave quite the same way that in previous LV version
  12. Here is the file xShadowDanx was trying to post. Note: I did not open it up. Download File:post-121-1241023757.zip PJM
  13. I agree with Jason, there is no harm in doing this. By the way I believe the TSVNcache restart itself automatically (at least for me it does) so I think you can drop the "start TSVNCache.exe". PJM
  14. I am still at 1.5.2. In the past I noticed that the cache will go crazy on occasion (especially when you have a lot of code in a folder). I always keep an handy shortcut to a bat file that has the following "taskkill /f /im TSVNCache.exe". Note: I don't believe I used this recently (for sure not in the last 6 months if not longer).
  15. QUOTE (crelf @ Apr 21 2009, 12:14 PM) Done. PJM
  16. QUOTE (crelf @ Apr 21 2009, 11:27 AM) I think that would be a mirror... PJM
  17. I still have mine with the original box (a bit battered though) and all the documentations that came with it. Additionally I have 2 extensions card in it (32 and 128k). If I were to sell it I seriously doubt I would make money. I bough it in France and it was very expensive at the time. Oh, and I also still have a C64 (sadly no longer functioning, although I believe the floppy drive is still working). PJM
  18. QUOTE (neBulus @ Apr 14 2009, 10:45 AM) Make sure the "wait until completion" flag is false. http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_04_2009/post-121-1239737022.png' target="_blank"> PJM
  19. Another possibility (convoluted but it should work): Create a SubVI that does the following: Create a batch file in windows temp folder (reuse the same name every time so you don't end up creating many batch files ) that will wait a bit (1-2s) before deleting your ini file. Execute this batch file using system exe (non blocking). Note: you should run this SubVI as the last operation you do before exiting your app. PJM
  20. Post what you have so we can give you better feedback. PJM
  21. I strongly agree with AQ. Turn that flag on and this will save you a lot of future headache. This is one feature I really missed when I have to code back in older LV version. PJM
  22. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Apr 6 2009, 09:21 PM) On can argue that this is pretty much restricted to NI employee that are familiar with the VI (and all its siblings) file format.
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