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  1. Just as a long shot, I see that you are using LabVIEW 2010. If you have enabled Separating Compiled Code from VIs, try to clear your cache (where the compiled code is). This might help (or do nothing). PJM
  2. I am assuming that you don't want to do that (change the IP Address) in MAX. Please note that the IP address is not defined in the executable per say (as far as I recall) but somewhere else on the RT target. If you feel adventurous look at the "Automated LabVIEW Real-Time Deployment (RTAD) Reference Application". This tool does more than just changing the IP Address of an RT device, but if you look at the code I think you will probably find what change is required to change the target IP address (most of the code is not pwd protected). I did use that code to create a simple utility for one of
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  4. Actually, I don't. This is one of my pet peeve about using class in this instance because the class "pkg" become completely incompatible with existing native NI image manipulation VIs. Case in point: the icon editor has some interesting code (it use its own set of classes), Vugie also has a great image manipulation tool (but this is using its own class). Now because of this it is impossible to go a grab one reuse tool from one toolkit to extend another. You have to get all or nothing (or you have to be willing to reconvert all the stuff that you want out of the classes [and this can require su
  5. Mike, Nope I did not forgot anything this time This is essentially the manual alpha blending method I mention earlier. I have some VIs that do something similar (generic alpha blending). My method is somewhat different. I add the alpha data in the image [ ] in the form AlphaRGB and then I have a modified "Draw flatten pixmap (with alpha).vi" that know how to handle the transparency (using the same trick that you have of inspecting the image behind the alpha pixels). I do agree that the picture control is awesome and that everything can be done using it. Now, if NI would ever add hardware a
  6. Ah, I did not notice that the circle was filled with alpha (partially transparent) pixels. This is going to be significantly harder to do. As far as I know, except for "draw grayed out rectangle", you can not have alpha pixel in a picture control. You can simulate this behavior though by: preserving alpha information in your image once loaded into LV (LV tend to strip this). inspect the pixel behind the alpha pixels and blend them with the alpha one yourself. Doing the alpha yourself will works fine, but you will need to invest some time to get it going. Based on all I (now) know of your r
  7. Use another "floating" picture control just to do that "Google map like indicator" and move the transparent floating picture control on top of your other control as needed. PJM
  8. Just use the "set color" tool and "paint" it transparent. About performance, I am pretty positive that if you have no anti-alias that you should not notice any performance issues. Just make sure the you are redrawing only what needs to and only when need to. Additionally, defer panel update could be used if needed. PJM
  9. Like mje says, you can use a transparent picture control and just draw the circles in it. For such simple thing the performance will be fine. Now, if you want to implement the "blur" (aka anti-alias) this will definitively requires a lot of effort (and result in performance penalty but it should still be fast enough). Note: If you thing NI should have the anti-alias native in the picture control, go vote for this idea: Add Antialias support in picture control
  10. Not exactly what you are asking for, but if I understand your description of the configuration, I don't see why you need the DLL in the first place. Just buy one of the various USB to RS232 converter (I personally use Keyspan) then use VISA from LabVIEW to communicate (over RS232) with the DUT. I realize that this is probably not an option at that stage, but I though that I would mention it. PJM
  11. Olivier, I have exactly the same problem in one of my virtual machine with LabVIEW 2009. Have you tried to restart LV with a clean LabVIEW.ini (rename the old one)? Note: I have not tried the above suggestion. PJM
  12. I did not noticed all these new post. "show terminal": you are right there is a situation where it works the reverse that it should. "fast typing": As far as I can recall this issue was always there (before I even made the customization). If there was a bug fix for it by NI, I missed it. "not installing in 2010": I could change that easily but since I do not know what was improved / fixed from 2009 to 2010 by NI, installing this version will not benefit from these potential improvement / fixes. "eraser": I also noticed the need for repeat click. I am not sure if this is something that I di
  13. But the built in one only works if you have a project open (it does not when you just have a class or an lvlib {not in an opened project}) [at least this was the case in LV2009]. PJM
  14. Version Affected: This bug affect (at least) LabVIEW 2010 and LabVIEW 2009 (I did not test it on any more version) Platform: Windows (XP and 2007) Description: If you have a tree control with filter event case for "Edit Cell?", "Item Open? and "Item Close?" then clicking the node expand/collapse glyph (the"+" or "-") while editing another column will result with the text entered be applied to the node column (the first column) instead of the column that was being edited. More info: See attached video and attached example VI (treebug.vi). <object id="scPlayer" class="embeddedObject"
  15. This is probably because in the option window you pointed the "plugin development source dir" to the installed plugin location (hence resulting in 2 instance of each plugin). This should point only to your source plugin dir (the one you are working on). This dir (plugin development source dir) is typically different than the installed dir (and should remain empty if you don't have source plugin). PJM
  16. New Version available: Version 1.7: [New Feature] Add a condensed pixel font that allow for longer text to be entered. [bug Fix] Synchronize the "Edit>>Show Terminal" menu with the "Show Terminal" check box. [bug Fix] CAR 186982: "[iE] Wrong Icon is loaded in Icon Editor". Get it here. PJM
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  18. I did notice this feature and I have to confess that I am not too found of it. For instance if I have a dark banner on my children class and I use a white font for the banner text I end up having the parent banner color "leak" through (which does sometimes makes the text unreadable). PJM
  19. I am seeing something very similar in my project as well (although restarting LV do NOT help me at all). Thankfully in my case I do not (yet) have to wait 3-5s but more like 1-2s. I also use a lot of classes (both by val and by ref) and there are over 3K VIs in that project. When I have this project open and I do an edit in a VI I see the hour class between each edit. Like you I also have a fast computer. My workaround, at the moment, is to no longer use my full project (unless I have to) but to only open the class I want to edit (resulting in less stuff in memory) and this way everything
  20. I will be in the San Jose one next week as a mentor. PJM
  21. Adding my 2c here. I think I have experienced a lot more locks in LabVIEW 2009 than in previous LabVIEW version. I have a utility allowing me to bypass the lock and erase the file (or folder), unfortunately this is no longer working well (if at all) with LabVIEW 2009 locks. PJM
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