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  1. FYI, ESF 3.0 is in the tubes and about to come out w/ the ESFx with the persistent ability option. It will not be forced but seamlessly worked into the framework because not everyone will want a sub-process running in the background and there is no way to make it perfect. We're using it internally and hopefully getting this out the door can prevent another framework doing the same thing. Please let me know if you are ready to beta test the new version. Thanks, Norm ~,~
  2. I like how they left out on their "Application" page word map, what will likely be the largest two items in there. Kiddie Porn Other Porn
  3. If not this methodology, You can use .NET, C, C++ to call into a LV executable through REx (Remote Export Framework) It might not be exactly the answer you're looking for, as you need to create a set of commands to be called externally, but it's a very powerful framework that others have used quite successfully over the years including myself. Good luck!
  4. A user of REx took things to beyond what I thought someone might, and started sending messages every 10ms or less. By doing so it exposed a potential issue if you're using REx across a network / through the EXE boundary as well I believe. The act of calling the CBR (Call By Reference node) under the hood as REx does, causes some time to be used by the UI thread. So if you're going to town on making REx calls and then start interacting with the UI a bunch long w/ updates and re-draws, You can see a performance slow down in the latency of the calls being made. See the link for a low level explanation of the usage of the CBR and the UI thread http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Threading-and-Re-Use-of-buffers-Using-Call-By-Reference-node/td-p/1506046 I could comment more, but I wanted to get this out there before it slipped through the cracks Hey there Goof. The state of the security is that of whatever VI Server does, which I'm pretty sure is just basic flattening. However, for those of you that are concerned about that, just this NI week, I sat down with a customer and found a novel way to replace the sole usage of VI server as the transport mechanism, which in turn should give the ability to use other more secure methods like web services and such that can use HTTPS. Do let me know if this is a hard need or just something that you figure would be something really good to consider adding / checking on
  5. I'm sorry for all the troubles. It's true that I haven't done as much testing of the install w/ the recent builds. I'll double check and re-post the updates that you found. Thank you! Also, since you've now got command creation going, are you able to get it to talk across the boundaries you need? ~,~
  6. Just in case you didn't see on the registration form, I'm replacing the flight around Austin with something much more practical and life saving instead of endangering The official Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer (the right bending banana version only) For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana. "Use a knife!" they say. Well...my parole officer won't allow me to be around knives. "Shoot it with a gun!" Background check...HELLO! I had to resort to carefully attempt to slice those bananas with my bare hands. 99.9% of the time, I would get so frustrated that I just ended up squishing the fruit in my hands and throwing it against the wall in anger. Then, after a fit of banana-induced rage, my parole officer introduced me to this kitchen marvel and my life was changed. No longer consumed by seething anger and animosity towards thick-skinned yellow fruit, I was able to concentrate on my love of theatre and am writing a musical play about two lovers from rival gangs that just try to make it in the world. I think I'll call it South Side Story. Banana slicer...thanks to you, I see greatness on the horizon.
  7. Yes. This allows you to talk between ANY LabVIEW instance irrespective of the boundary. Good luck! The only thing to be very intentional in setting up, is making sure that you have the right 'Service Name' configured for the listener and pointing to that specific one on the remote connection Good luck
  8. All, I can't do much about the Icon stuff for the 2011 port as a lot changed around those versions. Your best bet is simply to edit the Command Creator Springboard and comment out the icon modification part of the code. It should be easy to find but if you run into trouble let me know and I'll direct you along. KeyedArray.ctl should make it's way onto your PC if you install AMC from the tools network. I'm sorry about the dependency, but because I'm not going to spend too much time on the 2011port, hopefully this will work Please let me know if that doesn't Happy wireworking ~,~
  9. @Bobillier Please check out the attached files that I did a save for previous on. I don't have 2011 on my pc (or the time to check the install at the moment) so if you could see if it's operational for you that'll help me out (along w/ anyone else that wants to use the 2011 version) Thanks, Norm REx 2011 Port.zip
  10. What kind of transformations do you want to do? Source distribution posted a little above, shows how to take a picture control and get the individual items from the picture and then do some kind of transformations to it. Namely in the example shown here, it showed lateral translations, but I presume you want to do some kind of rotation or growing or shrinking, Correct?
  11. Coolaid Make sure to segregate your nomenclature. Actions and Triggers. Actions get Queued up by the State machine on the left, in response to Triggers and current Shifter data and design. So yes, only 1 action can be performed at a time, because any list of actions happen on a transition (even if the transition is back to the same state) That and only 1 transition can happen at a time. The ideal is that any transition happens fast enough for your system to be able to timely respond to a specific trigger. If a particular transition can't be broken up to iterative transitions (think, instead of a transition being an entire sweep, it's just 1 iteration of the sweep) then there is the ability to interject interrupt actions which give you the ability to go back to the brain to see if an important trigger has come in that needs to be handled NOW. If it's a matter of UI updating some kind of UI magic, I would recommend making a Brat VI outside the loops to handle the interaction
  12. So no other packages give you grief when trying to install to 64 bit? Also, am I correct in reading that, everything is working ok for the 32 bit version? ~Norm
  13. Potentially. I'd just need to go through the hoops to get it Qualified. Probably some more/better documentation as well. Would that help you out particularly?
  14. Just updated VIPC which set VI in framework to necessary behavior for reentrancy, error handling and clone type. Should be safe to move any code forward that uses this
  15. James, I think the above link is wrong. In VIPM what version of TLB` Are you working with?
  16. Don't worry about that old link, did this work for you? Also, I've got the new version packaged up and ready to go, but need some beta fish to try out. ping me Norm.Kirchner@ni.com if you like
  17. It's real. It's very real. Long story short, the need to have this Max optimized reared it's ugly head for some development happening in the ivory tower and this is the lovely precipitate. This will greatly help the speed future versions of the AQ Lineator deserialization process. So although I don't have the specific data on it, yes, this should be crazy faster. ~,~
  18. Please try the attached file here. If it works for you, I'll update the main one up top. https://www.box.com/s/8f8hw6gyjpubcy12yapi (attahcment wouldn't work)
  19. Oh, most definitely has room for improvement. Doing the string operations in-place is the best especially if you are doing color replacement, text replacement, or line moves; the user just has to keep a dictionary of 'desired element to offset' lookups. If the code for doing the color replacements or other high performance modification operations is desired, make the request here, and i'll add onto it. Double up on the recommendation for making 'layers of picture controls' to give the ability to show an element moving/ being modified, while the original stays in place. The application this came from had upwards of 5 layers for different things.
  20. Ok, Check out the demo in the ZIP file It's not hack code, but is definitely missing documentation. So in lieu of that, here is a narrated story time http://screencast.com/t/dJsMkZkDA0 http://screencast.com/t/9dgIuC97LZwP Ports back to LabVIEW 7.0 at least (original code from 2003) ~,~ The Captain Was Here My Source Distribution.zip
  21. Which version of LV are you working on? I have just the thing that you're looking for. Also, how many elements are on the picture? a lot of line art, or a bunch of images?
  22. Is using the win32 'child window' declaration a hard and fast requirement?
  23. Offically posted REx http://lavag.org/topic/17024-rex-remote-export-framework-and-remote-events/
  24. lEver wanted to communicate with VI which are across context boundaries? Those typical boundaries, are different LabVIEW project LabVIEW into LabVIEW EXE, EXE to EXE PC to PC across a network or even the internet Usually to get around these boundaries, we have to flatten to some easier transport mechanism like a string and then unflatten on the other end. There are a whole other host of situations and and reasons why cross context boundary communication is useful and not just a simple slam dunk using existing primitives in LabVIEW REx (Remote Export Framework) is a useful framework that you can take advantage of to eliminate the typical boundaries Instead of spend 45 minutes trying to describe it, see the linked videos below, (also in the PPT) until more written content gets made. Basic Demo - Current App http://screencast.com/t/JbW2mM3jx Creating & Using a New Command http://screencast.com/t/GhkE2CEx4Ip Send into EXE http://screencast.com/t/bxbI0B4l8Xs EXE to EXE http://screencast.com/t/xCJw2B39mFQr Debugging Ports / Services http://screencast.com/t/E0RXrgM3Yex Using Service Dump Info http://screencast.com/t/oTUSH5aFqo9S Network Communication http://screencast.com/t/KuTPTKA8rmC1 Rebuild of EXE (addendum) http://screencast.com/t/36oWmrybjRMj ******************* 1/12/15 Update: attached new VIPC which upgrades REx to to address the issues w/ things not moving into the tools menu properly Remote Export – REx Framework.pptx REx Installation Full.vipc 01/31/22 Update: Added update to Error handling on response, required ni_lib_rex-1_15.0.30.vip
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