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  1. Hey there, I have a project that currently holds template VIs (and their supporting VIs) for use by developers in developing new applications for a system we've been working on. Now I'm trying to wrap this up in the best way possible into a launchable "toolkit chooser" that creates a new project with the chosen template and the supporting (probably in a lvlib) VIs, ready to be saved to any location the developer so choses. I have some kick-off questions, after researching ways to go about this: 1) The Getting Started Window (GSW) seems to be an ideal place to stick the link to the Tk chooser. I've been successful in inserting new items into the LV8.5+ GSW and am pretty comfortable about being able to launch pretty much anything I need to launch from here. For some reason though, inserting a new item in the "new" section pushes the "open" section MRU list down and mangles the "target" dropdown. Does anyone know how to shorten up the MRU area (dynamically would be ideal) so this doesn't happen? 2) Has anyone ever messed around with the "Copy To/From Project" private methods? It looks like they should give me what I need, but I haven't been very successful in using them. 3) Is there any way to programatically invoke that new nifty Project "Save As..." feature so I don't have to "roll my own"? It would be nice to have all the toolkits in their own project files ready to go...and just invoke a Project Save As.... based on their selection so they could chose where to save it and what to name it. 4) Let's say I want the Tk to open up a project from disk (remember, this is from the GSW...so there aren't any active projects open) and programatically pick and chose what I want to copy out of a project on disk into a new project in memory (without saving it yet). I could launch a VI which asks which toolkit to use, then opens up the project on disk, creates a new project in memory and copies stuff over...closing the original project after it is done. Is there any way to ensure that no changes are attempted to be saved to the original project on close? What I mean is, even if I make the template project read-only, there may be a chance that closing it may generate prompts to save changes. I don't want that... 5) Is there a better way to do this? Thanks for any insight!
  2. QUOTE (TobyD @ Apr 4 2008, 12:34 PM) My suspicion was it was some equivelant to "bump", since there wasn't a response yet. Either that or More Draft -- Edelweiss!
  3. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ Apr 4 2008, 12:34 PM) As an example just look at your Avatar and envision a yellow class wire :laugh:
  4. By the look of the source you provided, it looks like there is a cookie being stored when you log on successfully (you can see the error javascript source setting this cookie's string to "LOGIN_LEVEL=0; path = / " on failure ). This might explain why the first attempt succeeds and the second one fails -- if there is a session cookie set up to store some sort of connection/session ID and it doesn't match when sent to the second unit you are testing. I'm unclear on how LabVIEW (datasocket or VI server) stores cookie related information in it's session cache. But if my instincts are correct in Windows, I would assume it uses the same mechanisms that Internet Explorer uses. That is if LV7.x supported session cookies at all... To test this, before running the second unit's test try clearing out Internet Explorer's cache and cookie history. In fact it may be a good idea to clear them out first before running the first test so you can see if there is a file being stored in your cookies for the IP you are using. If there isn't a persistent cookie file being stored (and I'm thinking there probably isn't), then this is a session based cookie and you won't be able to just clear it out every time manually (because the only way I could think to clear a session cookie would be to close LabVIEW like you are doing). Another option is to just re-request the page on this failure? Since the error page is "logging you out" via Javascript by clearing this cookie's content, wouldn't a simple retry work just like the login to the first unit? And yet another option is to disable cookies altogether in the security settings of your OS and see if there is a failback method that the unit uses for login... I hate cookies...
  5. QUOTE (jaegen @ Apr 4 2008, 10:39 AM) Here's the LV8.5.1 readme.html from the install directory (no...I haven't installed it yet) Download File:post-3266-1207335090.html
  6. Thanks for contributing! Another way of accomplishing this came to mind, IMHO a little easier to read and less logic to follow: Download File:post-3266-1207328615.vi Just as a tip, it's generally a good idea to keep all inputs/outputs outside of the structure so you view them at a glance.
  7. QUOTE (raptonx @ Apr 3 2008, 06:17 PM) Search for "System Exec" in the http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361D-01/glang/system_exec/' target="_blank">LabVIEW Help.
  8. QUOTE (Michael_Aivaliotis @ Apr 2 2008, 06:45 PM) Sorry for being a day late, Michael. Happy B-Day! Hope you're feeling less "dwarvish" today. Cake usually helps.
  9. To add another piece of old documentation to the mix, take a look at this under "SubVI Overhead": QUOTE
  10. QUOTE (TiT @ Apr 2 2008, 06:26 AM) Looking at this and this, I found: QUOTE On all platforms, you can optionally set the “Deallocate memory as soon as possible” preference. When this item is on, subVIs immediately deallocate memory as they complete execution. This might help out with memory usage, but it will slow down performance significantly. QUOTE (TiT @ Apr 2 2008, 06:26 AM) - Anyone ever tunerd it on ? I've tried to turn the "anxiousMemoryDeallocation" option on several times, but I would always get all sweaty and shaky...then I'd forget to save the changes, so no. :laugh:
  11. QUOTE (Darren @ Apr 1 2008, 11:00 AM) Wow, you must have been the Etch-a-Sketch King in your youth... :worship:
  12. I know exactly how feels.
  13. orko

    Nice puppy!

    The way it started was rather Pythonic, I kept waiting for the Giant Foot to come down and crush it... When the guy kicked it was my favorite part. Almost too realistic movements...
  14. I played around with this and was partially successful, but wasn't able to get it to work quite right as you can see by the end of the thread.
  15. orko

    Earth Hour

    QUOTE (PaulG. @ Mar 31 2008, 06:34 AM) I'll call your hypocrisy and raise you an act of stupidity...
  16. orko

    Earth Hour

    QUOTE (crelf @ Mar 30 2008, 08:16 AM) I've asked for two, since that would be saving two planets, right?
  17. I just wanted to remind newcomers (and some of you old...goers) about that nifty GeoMap we have here on LAVA. I know there are more of us in/around Seattle...right?
  18. So I have to ask... if it isn't needed after activation, then why is it running as a service? Is there any stuff that we should be aware of that it does in the "background" before I turn it off on all my dev boxes (I can't stand processes that hang around for no reason...)?
  19. orko

    Earth Hour

    QUOTE (Yen @ Mar 29 2008, 12:14 PM) That's interesting, since Google claims that black is the same as white when it comes to power consumption on modern day monitors. They just "turned the lights out" so people would take notice of the "Earth Hour" tonight.
  20. QUOTE (pallen @ Mar 28 2008, 07:45 AM) I really like this one. I was amazed at how well they integrated it into the image search sites, and how fast/smooth it is.
  21. Bruce, I had problems with a project that I upgraded from 8.2 to 8.5. Initially it worked great, but then I opened up a typedef cluster to edit it and LabVIEW crashed. Subsequent tries to open the VI that contained the typedef hung LabVIEW. I cannot remember if I had problems opening up the project itself, but I feel your pain. In my case, the problem turned out to not be in the control I was editing at all. It turned out that there was an element of that cluster that linked to another cluster that had a typedefed reference to a graph that was causing the issue. (yeah...) The way I solved this was to create a folder outside of the search path, and do a kind of binary search. I took half of my folders in the project directory and moved them away, then tried to open the VI. If it crashed immediately, I restored the folders and took the other half away. I did this until I was down to a few Typedefs, and eventually found the one that was choking LabVIEW. Recreating this control and re-linking my VI's solved the crashes. With this and another example that one of my colleagues showed me, I am almost 100% convinced that older 8.x versions sometimes let linking errors slip by, and LV8.5 is better at preventing this...if you start with 8.5. Converting over to 8.5 can be painful if you have linking errors already existing in an older version of 8.x. This may or may not help, it's just based on my observations so far. Good luck!
  22. orko

    Earth Hour

    Just in case you somehow missed Google this morning This is to promote , which I think is a great idea. What does it hurt to turn your lights out for 1hr? I'm anxious to see how successful they will be this year (even though I think it will be very hard to measure accurately).
  23. QUOTE (JFM @ Mar 27 2008, 07:13 AM) That is genius. Thanks! I was trying to work out some sort of masking algorithm, but wasn't successful without some serious hack. Your way is slick!
  24. QUOTE (Jim Kring @ Mar 26 2008, 08:12 AM) Yeah, his "Weeeeee!" cry in the video is burned into my brain somehow... that and the "What time is it when..." questions. This morning I heard "My MAX config is messed up" from across the room. Sure enough, immediately in my head...."What time is it when your MAX is messed up...?" Ma, Ma, MAX man! Please, someone post something catchy so I can dump this. Oh man...even that sounded wrong. :headbang:
  25. Who says you can't ?This one's not as complex (or edible), but looks like it would be fun to try!
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