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  1. I agree with Rolf, I think most people are not as strict as you are. And while we're at it, what version of english should be used? American english or British english or any other flavour. I thought about this when I read capitalising spelt with "z" 😂
  2. maybe this thread can help you, at the end it give the list of forbidden characters.
  3. Great idea! Although I attended your NIWeek presentation in 2017 VIMs are still not a reflex for me... I need to dig in!
  4. Anyone knows if there is a way to do a RegExp search on a maps?
  5. Ok, great. I guess we would need Ton's permission if we wanted to set up an online repo - GitHub for instance - for this package, right?
  6. Would you consider making this open source?
  7. That's enough for my need, thank you very much for being so quick to make the fix!
  8. Is there a way to change the MCL column width once the XControl is dropped on a front panel? Great tool!
  9. I use evernote to keep track of a lot of things in my life, both personal and professional. When I see articles / posts / code that I really want to keep, I copy the content into a note. If it's less important I just copy the link into a note. And I use tags to facilitate latter search.
  10. The being simple doesn't mean it's going to execute fast, I think there is more to optimise in the code inside the loop than anything else. That said, one thing that might help (again depending on what's in the loop) is to change the while loop for a timed loop to which you can give the highest priority. Also if you have some NI Hardware available you could use the clock as the reference for the loop, but that would probably improve jitter more than raw speed.
  11. Dating will always be a problem for software engineers.
  12. I reported this issue to NI, they created a CAR 732888. LabVIEW should handle broken stuff in ~\LabVIEW XXXX\project\ subfolders.
  13. It's, if you need any help in trying to reproduce this behaviour you can PM me.
  14. Ha, I think I found the issue, I should have let VIPM mass compile the package after installing it. I had to move "Create control.vi" out of the C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2018\project\UI Tools\Control Generator, open it, mass compile it place it back and now it all works fine.
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