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  1. I'm working on it, you can try this solution, it looks likes it works in 2012 at least. But I'm not sure if it should work, we better ask NI. Make sure you convert the number string to U32, not I32 that is the default Cheers, Mike
  2. If you are new to OO, NI's GOOP Development tool, will make life easier fot you, BTW it's free. Check out the videos at the community page to see if this tool is for you. https://decibel.ni.com/content/message/44088#44088
  3. What class type are you using? If it's a GOOP3 type, you can use the Utility VIs (under Addons->GOOP Utility) GOOPUtil_IsValidReference.vi
  4. NI is uploading projects to GitHUB, so the LV community can help out in development. The GOOP Development Suite will be one of the first projects they will try out. I hope many of you will help NI, to make this product better. http://vishots.com/category/live/ http://youtu.be/abXD7M7-Y1Q
  5. TortoiseXXX is great, but which one should I use today :-)
  6. I've noticed this in later version of LabVIEW, and never has the problem before. The same application, just converted to LV2012SP1 for example.
  7. Perfect, but why can't NI put these files somewhere else ;-)
  8. It's nice that you like it. Here is another example form the same book. CommandPattern.zip
  9. To start, have a look at my solution for the same example :-) It looks like you just forgot to set the Cost VI to reentrant. DecoratorPattern.zip
  10. Create a Base class for the Events and inherit it for all the different type. It’s lot of work but that makes it possible to destroy them using a for loop.
  11. This is an area where NI has done some modifications in. I've not yet gone through the AF changes they have done so I'm not sure if it's related to that. I'll see if I can reproduce it.
  12. I assume it makes sure all new files added to the class or library will have the Compiled Code removed.
  13. Sorry for the late response. You are using by reference classes therefor you need to use the Create not just the Class Constant. Cheers, Mike
  14. I did a quick example where the Duck class implements the FlyBehaviour like this (see attached file) But for the design you are looking for, I would implement it like this: This soution does everthing you want. Why Interface is used in the design you are looking at (page 22 in Head First esign Patterns), because Interface exists in Java :-) Duck.zip
  15. We have created a free licence key that unlocks Symbio's version of GDS in case people still like to use that: GOOP-GOOP-GOOP-GOOP-GOOP Cheers, Mike
  16. Thanks, I've only been working on this tool for the last 14 years
  17. Sure I'm still answering questions. And I will still do bugg fixes and add new feature in my local copy and publish them on the forum.
  18. Tomi, Your site have some problem. Cheers, Mike
  19. $341 incl GST, here down under (if you are a student). You can start ordering now, and it will be shipped in end of November.
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