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The Exciting World of Metrics

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If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I own the "metric system" lunchbox mentioned in this list of the worst lunchboxes ever. The article, however, only shows the front of the lunch box. There's 5 more sides to the Exciting World of Metrics. So I thought I'd post the other faces of the lunch box here.

Note: This was not a lunchbox I originally owned as a child. I bought it in a kitschy retro-70s-&-80s-crap store in downtown Portland a few years ago. Back in my elementary school years, I rolled with a sweet Return of the Jedi lunchbox, and then later on an even more awesome Dragon's Lair lunchbox.

post-2992-125105011689_thumb.jpg post-2992-125105010579_thumb.jpg

post-2992-125105011083_thumb.jpg post-2992-125105010046_thumb.jpg

post-2992-125105009564_thumb.jpg post-2992-125105009154_thumb.jpg

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What you still use the 'standard' system? frusty.gif


Yes I'm late and just catching up...

I rember when the US was all geared up to do the switch and then they figured out how much it would cost to replace all of the road signs that gave number of miles too and speed limits. It was never funded so it never happened aside from the part where the government did not have to pay (labeling on packages). So to this day pacakges are marked in both standard and metric and serve as a ready reference when doing unit conversions durring dinner.


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Someone in the UK can correct me, but when I was in Wales in 1996, I seem to remember that there was odd mixing of the systems there. Dried goods and fresh produce were measured in different systems (oz. vs. kg)? And distances on roads were measured in km, but on distances on footpaths were in yards or miles? I don't remember exactly, but I recall thinking at the time that it was strange.

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