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RS232 - Basic question

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I have a measuring instrument which measures Voltage and power..It has RS232 interface.

My idea is to get the data what it measures and save that measurement in a spreadsheet file.

I have the below items with me.

1. Instrument having rs 232 interface.

2.I got the Instrument drivers compatible with LabVIEW (I want to know how to install the instrument drivers. The manufacturer of the measuring device gave me some VIs and they say, those VIs are the instrument drivers)

3.RS 232 Cable ( 1:1 config).

4.A PC installed with LabVIEW+serial ports.

5.From the instrument manufacturer manual i noted down the commands ( the commands which reads the measurements)

Now you guys help to share any link explains how to get the data (measurement) from an instrument through rs232 something similiar of my project.

I know this is basic question but please help me.


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You will want to check out the examples that ship with LabVIEW; there are good instrument/RS232 examples included. As for installing the driver... if there isn't an installer or if it's not a package (see VIPM) then you will just put the driver in "C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW xxxx\instr.lib".


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