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Reading HEX file into LabVIEW...


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I am able to read HEX file into Labview using read from Text file..I am getting data into labview in terms of string.


Problem =>  Now i want to load this HEX file into microcontroller using VISA-rs232 .Is it require to further conversion or i can load HEX file(in form of string) directly into microcontroller ?


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One thing that might help as a start, is the fact that the ECU Measurement and Calibration toolkit has an example for programming an ECU using an S file or HEX file.  Now the actual data going down is specific to the device and interface being used.  But the example shows how to parse a HEX or S file into an array of chunks to be sent down.  This toolkit is not free, but if you install the trial, these VIs are part of the example, and parsing the HEX file can be done without needing a license.  The license in this case allows you to program an ECU over a CAN interface.

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I am using Atmega8 microcontroller.And i want to program it from Labview(Load Hex file).

I want to use RS232  protocol to load program into microcontroller.




I heard that it is required to have bootloader program in controller for doing this thing.. 

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If you want to program your device through a direct serial connection to the microcontroller, then yes, the microcontroller needs to be running some code (a bootloader) that knows how to interpret the data it receives and write it to the appropriate memory locations. Getting that bootloader code installed in the first place requires the use of an external programmer (another hardware device). Whether you need to do any additional processing of the hex file before sending it depends on the bootloader. If the bootloader knows how to interpret the hex file format, then you don't need to do anything. However, if the bootloader expects data in some other format, then you'll need code to do that conversion.

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