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Multiple files in file path


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I've been doing some tinkering and can't seem to find a nice solution to this problem. Does anyone know of a way you can select multiple files from a path control? I know this can be done with the File Dialog Express VI, but I'd like to do it more gracefully from the front panel control. I don't think it's possible, but maybe someone here has some neat trick.

Alternately, is there any way to capture the drag event from multiple files dragged from Windows? I know a single file dragged into a File Path Control will populate it with the correct path, but maybe there's a way to drag multiple files onto an array of paths or something.


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The first thing that comes to mind is an array of paths with a boolean "browse" button tied to a file dialog, and to put a Drop event in an event structure. Next thing was a string control instead of a array of paths which lead to needing to check for correct path structure which lead to thinking about XControls...

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Haha, yes, my final thoughts were be to create an XControl with a string control and a boolean button that would call the File Dialog with multiple files. Then it could populate the string control with all the paths, separated by commons. However I was hoping to avoid that if there was some easier workaround.

Thanks for the ideas though!

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