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VMware - event timing


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Hi all,

every 10 minutes we are logging data by a LabVIEW 8.2.1 application from a remote control in a 24/7 process. Timing is realized by a timeout in a event structure. This worked well for several years. Some months ago our IT moved the application and RunTimeEngine to a VMware machine. Since that time we have a second data logging within 10 minutes. As I am not familiar with VMware I have no clue what happens.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I don't fully understand what happens from your description.

You have an event structure with a timeout of 60.000 ms?

The second logging you get, what timestamp does that have? Is it a logging close to the other one, or is it after 5 minutes?

Can you post the code?


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yes correct - I am using a timeout every 60.000 ms.

As we don't need the seconds in stamp we don't log them.

I have atteched samples of the timestamps.

Sometimes there is a difference of seconds?, sometimes of 5 minutes? and everything else.

I think it has something to do how LV generates timeouts and how the application has been built.

The application was built on a 32bit XP machine - now it may run under 64bit W7 machine.



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Hi Manfred,

These timings look like two processes that are both logging at 10m, but are independent (not synced). Are you sure that there isn't another instance of this application (on the VM or your host computer) that is running without your knowledge?

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your guess and feeling was the right one. We stopped the data logging application and now there is still one timestamp every 10 minutes. We will have a look by ethernet sniffer for the remaining instance.

Thank you and have a nice weekend


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