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How to Retail Wire Values for ENTIRE VI Hierarchy

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That's how far enforcement of copyright naturally extends.


All law is based on the ultimate ability of a government to force compliance. Any sufficiently flagrant violation must be met with force or the law is meaningless. The whole point of the law is to make sure we are all conforming and to penalize non-conformity. That's the *goal*. Now, when we talk about ethical government, we talk about force commensurate with the particular law being broken. We talk about rational checks and balances on the use of force. We talk about law written to maximize certain principles and minimize others.

If I own a piece of paper and a pen, and I write on that paper something that I read somewhere else, the natural conclusion to copyright arguments is that the original author and/or government is justified in using whatever force is necessary (including murder) to prevent me from selling it.
Yes. Exactly. Now the open questions are:

A) Is this a justified law?

B) If so, what is the justified force to use in enforcing it?

Those "appeals to emotion" that you hear are answers to these questions. Asking whether it is fair for X to be penalized if Y is allowed can be seen as an emotional appeal, but it is also asking the question of just balance.

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