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how do i update 2D array with fixed size?


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Dear friends,


i want to store an element to the fixed array say two dimensional array has 10 rows and 3 columns and i want to store each and every element generated by knob to be stored into that 2D array one by one. when all rows and columns get filled then array has to update the element again by overwriting from starting....


here i tried using crossrule for this issue..but arrays goes on increasing ..i want fixed array size to be updated for every 10 iterations....and another basic method i tried but all the rows and columns get filled with same data generated by knob...


anyhelp would be appreciated....

store 10 different elements 1.vi

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Thanks for the reply todd...event structure is good to generate digital 1's and 0's but for analog control it eats CPU memory and deteriorates the performance of my program.. this is part of my code thats y maximum i avoid event structure for analog control..


Believe me i used slide control to control the valve..it seems to be fine for half an hour operation after that it starts eating cpu and hangs PC for few seconds and came back to control again and found that eats cpu memory ...i reported this issue to NI...


Anyway is it possible to do without event structure...


Thanks todd once again for your quick reply...

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