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This brings up an ethical question I've had about the possibility of building an executable for someone with a student version of the software.  What sayeth y'all?  Is it expressly verboten in the EULA?  Is it shady?  Is it just plain wrong?


[...] i can't by the key from my country


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This brings up an ethical question I've had about the possibility of building an executable for someone with a student version of the software.  What sayeth y'all?  Is it expressly verboten in the EULA?  Is it shady?  Is it just plain wrong?

Not that I've done this, and I haven't read through the entire EULA lately, but I don't see any problem with it. I can't imagine that the application builder license limits you to building applications only from VIs that you develop. I'm sure there are companies with several LabVIEW developers but only one has an application builder license, and there's no reason that one person can't build applications for the others. This isn't too far of an extension from that. That said, I'm not about to start a side business building applications for people who can't afford a full license.

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Note where he said "can't buy the key from my country".  This sounds like some kind of government reg issue.  Probably best to avoid.

I don't think there is any restrictions on compilers for exporting (though a lawyer would be needed to say for sure) and LabVIEW ships with the compiler on the install media, so I would have to assume that LabVIEW isn't legally available in that country.

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I think it's illegal to export a LabVIEW built exe to Iran or North Korea...


That'll teach them.




Not from Europe (not sure about NK; cannot find any relevant EU sanctions) . Sanctions to Iran basically cover finance, transport and energy although if you had a "nuclear processing plant.vi", they might group that under "energy". LabVIEW is, apparently, also available in Iran, so I wouldn't be too quick to jump to conclusions about the OPs country of origin. Maybe it just cannot be bought online from wherever he resides.


Congratulations! Lavag.org made it on the spooks radar. Three more keywords and they break your door down :D

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From an online poetry contest held here.  My favorite line: "A suicide bomber changed her mind, and nobody ever knew."



On the Day I Became a Terrorist
by benjamin haas

On the day I became a terrorist there wasn’t a nuclear meltdown or pipe bomb

There was a radioactive and over-fished ocean, but that had nothing to do with

I am not sure what I was wearing, probably something denim.

I didn’t buy white powder, fertilizer, meat, birds, or bacteria.

I didn’t sneeze, scream, get sick, slink down an alley, or see the dentist.

There were cops, but there are always cops, and no shots fired.

On the day I became a terrorist the sun came up on Bagdad, Jerusalem, New
York, Coney Island, L.A., the Mississippi River, El Paso, San Diego, Bogotá,
Tokyo, Baton Rouge, Tripoli, Kingstown, and almost everywhere else too.

I probably checked my email, drank a cup of coffee, and read the news.

Someone made a paper airplane, and pretended it was a crop duster.

There wasn’t a hurricane, tornado, swarm of locust, lightning storm,earthquake,
blizzard, typhoon, wildfire, brown out, mudslide, or flood covered by the media.

I drove my car and regretted not being on my bike.

For me the clouds were still in the shapes of animals and cartoon faces.

There was distant smoke, but if you ignored it, you could convince yourself it
wasn’t there.

On the day I became a terrorist I wasn’t subject to denial of service online or at a

Someone drank a car bomb, smoked marijuana, and snorted cocaine in a

I wasn’t stockpiling a weapons cache or plotting with my radical friends.

I didn’t own a single vest.

And I have no idea what was going on in the PLO, Tamil Tigers, CIA, Hezbollah,
IRA, Department of Homeland Security, FARC, Tea Party, Al Qaeda, KKK, or
anybody else.

I talked with small number of people on the phone.

I doubt I said the word “jihad,” unless I was talking about music.

I ate a salad with home-grown tomatoes, and had a glass of port.

There were children dying from the self-interested decisions of old men, and I did
nothing about it.

I didn’t cover my face, throw a brink at a window, do any looting, or judge anyone
who did.

On the day I became a terrorist bridges spanned, buses and subways ran, and
still some people cried.

Someone lost their grandfather’s pocketknife in airport security.

There was drilling into the crust of the earth, and gas leaks in several apartments.

I thought that power lines must have seemed like the industrial revolution’s cat’s

And I counted the tiles on the bathroom floor, while someone else was held

A suicide bomber changed her mind, and nobody ever knew.

Something was so much fun, somebody said it was a riot.

There were lots of flags flying.

On the day I became a terrorist there was just the sound of rustling and pens
dragging across paper, signing bills into law

and silence. boom.

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what are you talking about guys !!

Am from Tunisia(not Iran or north korea) in my country we haven't international card to pay the NI on the internet that's all.

No gov restriction no terrorism !!


-_- sooooooooooo disappointed


:ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:  :ph34r:

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