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Sub Panel: Insert VI has changed in LV 20213

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I’m sure it’s not just me that missed out the change in LV 2013, when it comes to Sub Panel’s Insert VI method.

From 2013, you can't insert ctl-file any more.

For me that is a show stopper right now. So I can’t upgrade to 2013.

Can anybody at NI let us know, why this support was dropped, and what the work around would be for my exe file that currently opens CTL files and shows then in a sub panel?


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:blink: Wait you could put a control in a subpanel?  What would it do for you?  Just show an image of it that can be interacted with...can you then programatically get the control value...can you then build dynamic UI's where controls are semi-made at runtime?  


Yes the easiest solution would be to make a VI that just has that control in it.  Kind of strange that they would remove a feature like this.  Maybe there is some NI code that only works on subpanels if it is a VI so they removed this feature to support another.

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