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Subpanels not beig displayed


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Hi I want to populate a FP tab in a tab control with a sub VI I wrote, and do it programmatically, rather than brute force copying it in there 4 or 8 times, but I always get just one instance of the subpanel.  I pull up the position property to make each instance below the previous. I don't think I have 4 just all on top of each other..


Heres the BD and FP:  Hmm looks like lavag doesn't allow me to paste screen shots, so I put them in the word doc that's attached




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You only have one subpanel, and a subpanel only holds one VI at a time (dropping the previous VI if you insert a new one).  You also seem to be only creating one copy of your subVI (but you opened four separate references to it).  If you want four copies (“clones”) of your SubVI, you need to use option 0x8 (Reentrant run) in the Open Reference, and you need four subpanels.

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