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Removing a VI without the subpanel ref?

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That's annoying.  I understand the reasoning of not letting the called code know access the subpanel ref... because I want the opposite; I don't want the calling code to access the VI ref.  I have "actors" for which the actual VI that defines their UI should be private to the actor.  I send "Insert yourself in this subpanel messages" and I need a way to get myself out of any previous subpanel I've been insert in.



-- James

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Hmm, I understand.  Hiding the FP doesn't force exiting the Sub-Panel by any chance?  I know window visibility has given me many headaches with SubPanels int he past.


Things like this will hopefully at some stage in the future perhaps be addressable when the codebase of LabVIEW has been brought up to date.

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