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How to change IMAQ Aquisition window from LabVIEW permanently?

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Hi all,

I am using a Atmel Aviiva camera in my application. I need to change some camera parameters permanently. So , as I learnt through web, I can do it by editing the associated *.icd file. But the aviiva files look different. They contain the camera parameters for all interface types. (i.e., PCIe 1430, PCIe 1433 and so on). So to edit the exact parameter I need to find the interface type being used now. How do I get the interface type programmatically? Is this information stored anywhere? Or Is there any available method other than this to permanently edit the IMAQ camera parameters?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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To find out which controller is being used you can use property nodes on the imaq session, but in your case, if you want your software to control all the acquisition parameters you can use the IMAQ set attribute VI and then you don't have to care about what's in the icd file on the computer.




Hope this helps

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