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I am new in LabView and needed to create a sort of look up array. I have a pre-defined 4 column 11 row array. First column has the data for wavelength and the other 3 columns have other properties corresponding to the wavelength. I have to create a vi where I can feed in a wavelength value from 0 to 1000 and get the correct 3 properties from the table. The pre-defined array has discrete values of say 100, 200 and so forth but i want to allow users to type in any value in between and get a legitimate result. For instance if users feed 110 as wavelength, the output should be the properties for 100 wavelength. I tried to create using case structure but i end up creating 11 cases as you may find in the attached vi. If I need to add more elements later, this would be useless. Can you please show me any other way of doing it?




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thanks ShaunR... this is my updated vi. it does the job, however would appreciate more suggestions!

Well. If it works, then it's probably enough. 


I'm a fan of graphs and stuff. What would be nice is if you graphed the points and either showed or allowed the user to select, with a cursor, the points on that graph - that's just me, though.

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