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Use scripting on FPGA Interface Read/Write control

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to do some scripting on a Realtime-VI wich uses the FPGA Interface "Read/Write Control". I open a Reference to a VI containing a Read/Write Control, and when scrolling through the BD-Objects I find it with the class-name "nirviReadWriteControl".

I used the "to more specific class"-VI to check wich class i can cast it to, and i tracked it down to be child of the GObject->Node Class. But i can't cast it to any of the childs offered in the class specifier constant.

I also found out, that the "nirviReadWriteControl" is a xnode.

I have never worked with those, is there a way to access theyr methods (I think they're called "abilities" for xnodes)?


The goal of the application is to make the Read/Write Control display all available FPGA FP-Elements, and connect Controls/Indicators to them.


There is the same Problem with the "Open FPGA Reference"-Node (Classname "nirviOpenFPGA").


I really hope somebody dealed with the xnodes a bit and can help me programmatically controlling them!




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I found some more ressources on xnodes in general, and they seem to be documented pretty badly.

Can anyone tell me if there is a general way to change a propertynode-styled xnodes selected properties (same as pulling bottom of symbol down)?

Or does the xnode needs to support this operation with its own "abilities"?

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Or does the xnode needs to support this operation with its own "abilities"?

I can't say for certain but I'd say based on what I know, the XNode would need to support this feature.  An XNode doesn't inherit from a property node in this case, so methods that cause a property node to be updated, won't work on an XNode, even if its appearance is that of a property node.

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