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NI Week Advanced User Track


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That's great! The couple of times I went to NI week I felt like the NI presented sessions were technically extremely weak. I really like the conference fee and lost work time was not worth it for this reason. It may convince me to come next year.

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So the advanced user track seemed to be a pretty good success but maybe I'm biased.  The user track presentation content can be found on the NI Community here.  Or possibly in the NI Week Content subforum, and of course Mark was awesome enough to record all the sessions and has it's own thread here on LAVA.  If you attended any of the sessions (or any NI Week session) I encourage you to give feedback wherever NI takes NI Week feedback.  I word it that way because I've heard reports that the session surveys had issues.

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I too thought this new track was a success!  I attended quite a few sessions in Room 15, and I thought they were great.  For several previous years I was one of many to give feedback that I wanted more advanced, more technical content; and I'm glad to see that NI was listening.  I encourage NI to do this again in future years.  Speaking of future years, remember that starting with NIWeek 2017 the conference will be held in late May.

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