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NIWeek 2016 Videos

Mark Balla

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On 8/14/2016 at 1:20 PM, Arevik said:

Do you know how we can find video recordings for other sessions as well? 

NI themselves do not record sessions, all recorded sessions are from volunteers who bring their own equipment, and provide their own bandwidth.  Since Mark could only be in one session at a time, he only has the sessions he attended available.   Apparently the FTP has both videos from Mark, and Shane (Intaris).

All the videos numbered 001-017 were recorded by Mark
The videos numbered 101-112 were recorded by Shane

As for other recordings they are all done by individuals and you'll just have to talk to others who choose to record sessions.  I haven't seen any posted online yet, other than the ones already posted here.

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You are all welcome.  Just trying to help out.

I, in turn, need to give huge props to Mark for initiating the whole thing and making sure it's acceptable to do so.  And also for properly naming all the videos I dumped on him.... :P

Apologies to James McNally.  I missed the first few minutes of your "Practical OOP Techniques in LabVIEW" presentation because of the Champions lunch.  I ran to the presentation as fast as my little legs would carry me, but alas I still missed the start.  So apologies for that.  :oops:

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BTW a tip for anyone who might want to contribute next year.

If your camera has a large enough capacity (mine could record over 30 hours in one sitting), it's quite feasible to set the camera up in one room and then actually go see a different presentation.  This way you can optimise your personal perferences separately to your preferences for recording.  I say this because Mark was too quick reserving a seat in Room 15 for the advanced track and without multi-tasking like that I would never have gotten to see Altenbach's presentation.

There were also enough power sockets available so that battery power was not required.  I don't know if that's alwaqys the case but it was here at least.  Additionally, each room had an audio mixer at the front of the room, it should be possible to connect the mic input of a camera to one of the outputs of the mixer in order to optimise sound quality (if NI allows that) instead of using a microphone from the back of the room.

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Hi Mark,

 thank you very much again, great job and very useful resource for those who could not go there.

Mark, I'm facing some troubles with the FTP, I don't know if the server is having some troubles or it's just me. I can log in but then the server says that "it was not possible to list the directory". Is there any punctual problem with the FTP server?

Thanks again Mark.



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