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Reinstall device in Windows


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We use USB-connected Microsoft Smart Card Reader. The devise crashes sometimes. It does not happen often thus search for the reason could take time.

The only way to get the devise functioning again, is to open Device Manager, click Uninstall then Scan for hardware changes (that installs the Reader again).

Is there any method to do this from LabVIEW? I.e. send commands to reinstall the USB device?

I know this could be a bad fix. However, it can help in long-time tests (while we are searching for reason of these crushes).

Thank you

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Years ago I had a similar problem, and I think I temporarily resolved it by disabling/reenabling the device, which is not exactly the same as reinstalling as you ask, though. Here are some links I perused at the time (the last dead now), which involve a command called devcon, which worked for XP. Maybe it helps...


Otherwise I can just generically recommend to make your usb connection as robust as you can, to improve reliability. Watch out for flimsy cables, and EMI.

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Yeah Devcon is the way I did it for a wireless card that would have connection issues when offsite:


If it couldn't ping google I first disconnected and reconnected to the network.  Then if that didn't work I would disable and reenable the card.  We were uploading remote data to an FTP from a DSL connection at the testing facility and it needed to continually try to put data out there so we could evaluate it from the office.

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