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Database Insertion Loop Execution time

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I am looking to determine the time it takes to insert each batch (500rows) of data into a database, i.e. the loop execution time. See the block diagram below.

I've place a timer outside the while loop and subtracted it from the timer inside the loop, using shift registers to carry forward the start time. I place the timer in a sequence structure to make sure it starts before the code runs.

When I used this method on a simple example - a while loop with wait function, the loop execution time returned the wait time as expected. But in the database application, the loop execution time value continues to increase. Where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance,

 Database Example Timed.png

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You should swap the two frames so that you measure the first iteration correctly, but otherwise don't see anything wrong with how you're measuring the loop execution time.

How much increase is occurring?

Your insert and select are in parallel to each other, so there is nothing forcing one to execute first. Is that by intent?

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