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How to generate a cRIO project programmatically


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Hello everyone,

I’m not sure which forum is the right one which is why I created two new topics with the same content (one in Embedded and one in VI Scripting) – so sorry for the spamming.


I have two questions:

  1. How can I generate a cRIO project programmatically?

  2. How can I start the “Discovering Devices tool of the Project Wizard automatically?


At first I will describe a bit more what I really want to do:

I’m about to write an auto coder which should create a complete new FPGA project on my cRIO system without any user input. In the Project Wizard I want to run the “System Setup” from NI standalone. In that mask the NI project need some input like project type which is always a cRIO Embedded System. The next step is to insert an IP address to discover an existing system.

As those two steps are every time with the same input, I want to give them those parameters so that everything runs automatically.


Is there anybody who can help?


Thanks a lot!!

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finding targets is relatively easy: http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/373107E-01/nisyscfg/find/

the other part, scripting a target, is officially not possible last time I checked. Theres some internal functions that do it properly (I found them at one point digging through the dialog code), and of course you can edit the project file xml yourself, but nothing great. 

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Yeah that's great, thanks for your fast reply.

We already use those system VI's but they don't completely discover the hardware.... I've found an internal library, called "Project Wizard" in the LabVIEW Directory ("National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\resource\plugins\NewDialogFiles\ProjectWizards"). What do you think about the VI's inside? Do you know a way to open those block diagrams as they are secured. ;)

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