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    • By The Q
      So, I am seeing issues with the time functions.  See Snippet:

      The output of Get Date/Time in Seconds shows the correct time according to the timezone set on the Raspberry Pi.  But, the Seconds to Date/Time and the Date/Time to Seconds seems to interpret the time input as UTC regardless of how the to UTC flag is set. 
      I want the Cluster of time elements be in my timezone as well.  Is the only way to handle this to manually correct for the timezone offset?  I can get the timezone offset through a python script so it is possible to do as a workaround.  But these functions don't seem to work properly on the Raspberry Pi.
    • By hutha
      New Toolkit : OpenCV wrapper for Raspberry Pi (LinuxRT) for LabVIEW
      Great ! learning platform student and maker for learning machine vision application with LabVIEW.
      It's working with LabVIEW Home 2014 edition and  required LINX 3.0 toolkit.
      You can run NI-VISION toolkit with Raspberry Pi board too.
      1.QwaveCameraCV is a LabVIEW Camera Driver library for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ (LinuxRT)

      2.QwaveOpenCV is OpenCV wrapper functions for LabVIEW for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ (LinuxRT)

      3.QwaveOpenCV Examples using OpenCV (C/C++) and NI-VISION for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ (LinuxRT)

    • By Moes
      Hello everyone i am relative new to labview and currently i am bit stuck need help...
      i want to capture data with a digital trigger on my chassis PFI0 (9178), the pulse is 20ms long and occurs on my straingauge 9237 module.
      The pulse comes in 10 times in a row with couple of miliseconds between it, can i measure it every time and push it inside an array like a "last in first out" memmory to evaluate it slower for the user?
      I am currently struggeling with the loop dividing into more then one loop approach.
      How to breach out from accquire->store->plot in one loopdone right with good performance? I don't know how to shape the cure because there is a dependency from loop time to datapoints with the daqmx task inside of it :-/
      Capturing should always be possible and run in background and the user just uses the frontend to play around with filters (me learning what filter shape the cure in which way)
      It would be nice if someone can share their knowledge towards realizing multiple graphs from a pulse that comes in and is stored in a graph.
      I know my program is not pretty right now but with progress it will be nicer, function first to learn!

    • By vhha1972
      Hi All,
      My VI looks something like the one I am attaching. I am acquiring pressure data using a while loop.
      During data acquisition, I want to run a motorized pressure release valve for a few seconds (1-5 s) and then stop. But I don't want my main program (data acquisition) to stop just yet. That I will stop later through different control/logic.
      Is this easy to do? I had found a few programs online that stopped the whole system. But I want an independent loop to run within my main loop for a few seconds.
      Also attached in 2009 version.
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