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    • By Benoit
      Hey guys,
      Can you take a look at this?
      The only work around I found is to dynamically open the connection with an external VI to make it fail so the second time it works.
      If anyone has an instrument that communicate trough TCP-IP with VI, please try on your side with LabVIEW 2018 and visa 18.
    • By Shaun07
      Hello All,
      Did any one previously used Imaging source camera (DMK series)? If yes, then please give me a reply. I need one help regarding Camera Attributes.
    • By A Scottish moose
      Hello Everyone,
      I noticed an interesting change today that I thought was worth mentioning.  I've been using the classic system button for some of my UI's.  It's flat and looks clean.  Less busy.  I noticed today that the graphics for this button are different from one of my PC's to another.  My laptop, which is running 2016.0, looks like the original.  My desktop which is running 2016.0f2 looks like the 'different' one.  Both 2016 but one has no depth graphic and one does.  I've dug through the menus folder and it looks like the classic and modern controls are not housed there, which makes sense really since they are probably proprietary.  I'd prefer the original look as it matches with the flat Windows 10 style that's in vogue right now.  Just something I noticed and thought was worth mentioning.

    • By Nerich34
      You'll find the object, lay the plots, but did not remain there in the plots and do not tie them together. 
      How could I lay and connect the plots?
      Thanks for the help!
      Object tracking using.vi
    • By drjdpowell
      The attached VIPM contains an extension of Messenger Library that is intended to add extended functionality to controls/indicators, via a background process that is launched and which registers for the events of the control (the background process is a Messenger-Library “actor”).  This is meant to be an alternative to XControls.   Included are two “Augments”, both with examples.  See <examples>/drjdpowell/UI Augments/Examples/EXAMPLE Twin Cursor Graph Augment.  This takes any graph with two cursors and draws a line between the two and displays summary info of the data between the two cursors:

      There is also a cross-section plotting for a 2D intensity chart:

      This package is in LabVIEW 2015, and requires Messenger Library (latest, in the LAVA-CR) and JSON LabVIEW and Shortcut menu from Cluster (both in the LAVA-CR).
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