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Linux cRIO Memory Usage

Neil Pate

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As per this KB it is no longer possible to retrieve the memory usage using the System Session property nodes. Considering the Linux implementation is several years old already this seems like quite an oversight but not something NI seems terribly worried about. The solution proposed in the KB seems quite incomplete.

Strangely, NI do have a way to get this info as it is reported in MAX



Does anyone have a solution for this?


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29 minutes ago, ensegre said:

spitballing, having never worked on cRIO: standard linux ways like just parsing the output of free wouldn't help? Or reading /proc/meminfo?

Yeah it seems this is the way to go, I was just hoping somebody had done this already 🙄

I have tested both using an SSH console into a cRIO VM and they do seem to work.


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13 hours ago, hooovahh said:

Oh yeah, just wire a -1 and you get the whole file.  I always forget that.

That doesn't work. I would say it is a bug but it's never worked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

1 hour ago, Neil Pate said:

Tried that in my original test, still did not work.

This is what I have on my Linux box (not a cRIO though) so if you don't get anything; that is definitely a bug.




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2 hours ago, hooovahh said:

Okay I'm done guessing without actual testing in the environment.  In Windows -1 on the Read From Text File, and Read From Binary File both read the whole file.  I feel like there is a bug or two found in this thread.

If you read a text file then it will work. However. as Jordan states; it is not an actual file. It's is a text output stream from the VFS.

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On 1/23/2020 at 5:42 PM, ShaunR said:

If you read a text file then it will work. However. as Jordan states; it is not an actual file. It's is a text output stream from the VFS.

Most likely when you pass in -1, it does a stat() (or possible the equivalent of the internal FSGetSize() function) to determine the size of the "file" and read that much bytes. Since it is a VFS it can't return a valid size for the "file" (most likely fills in 0) and LabVIEW concludes that it is an empty file and returns that. 

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