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Open source alternatives to TestStand?

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4 hours ago, Jordan Kuehn said:

I was looking for one of your old tools the other day and I couldn't find it. Now I stumble across this several months after you posted the "trick". You are evil! 😆

Well. I removed my offerings from Lavag about 4 years ago, so it works :D 

But the real reason i removed them was that there used to be a size limit and I ran out. I deleted all files so I could post images in the threads going forward. You'll also find a lot of my old posts that no longer have images.

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On 4/23/2021 at 6:12 AM, pawhan11 said:

Has anyone here successfully migrated from TestStand to some open source automation frameworks?

In our hardware test we have a lot of things happening in parallel and so far I haven't found reliable alternative for TS. 

I would investigate cosmos.  I haven't migrated a complete project to it yet but I'm implementing data collection, storage and telemetry GUIs to it for a new project working with python and FPGA programmers.  A lot of the python programmers use python and it as a replacement for LabVIEW/TestStand.  I haven't used their Script-Runner (TestStand-ish stuff) but the current version is highly capable for data collection, saving, presentation, limit checking.  They are working on cosmos 5 which will run in a docker container and have web based gui's

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11 hours ago, Kurt Friday said:

我们正在考虑将我们的Medulla ViPER 测试执行程序开源。

我向悉尼 LabVIEW 用户组展示了 ViPER 架构和测试执行程序。您可以在下面的链接中查看演示文稿

ViPER 测试执行演示


This is really good news,

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I find TestStand to be a powerful, flexible platform and a very cleverly designed product, with features really well targeted to manufacturing test. But you have to take the time to master it and digest it in order to make it look and behave like you want, rather than be constrained by it. I tried Test Executive Toolkit in '97 and TestStand in '09 and discarded them right away in frustration. And then I was forced to get "over the hump" and master TestStand 2014 and 2016 while at Sonos, and now I like TestStand a lot.

I don't use TestStand at my current company because I can't justify the cost, and we're not at the mass-production stage yet. I see that the current cost is $5,561 per Development seat, $2,814 per station for the Debug version, and $741 per station for Base Deployment (or $581 per station for qty. 5). Just plain too much, and the Base Deployment is just the engine, no sequence editor.

Dear NI - Please price TestStand at $2,500 per Development seat, and $150 per computer for the Base Deployment. You don't need a distinct Debug version (it's the same as the Development version anyway). Also, please advertise your TestStand product! Tell everyone about the new affordable pricing! NI will benefit from the increased sales volume, and TestStand users will benefit from having a larger community of users to talk to and meet with.   🙂


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11 minutes ago, AutoMeasure said:

and TestStand users will benefit from having a larger community of users to talk to and meet with.   🙂


It took NI decades to release a community version of LV and IMO (and I've heard echoed often) it has really hurt the language and wide adoption. Hopefully this shift in mindset can carry over into other products like TestStand. Or opening FPGA up to non NI hardware as another example.

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TestStand has its place.  Yes, it can be a very powerful tool, but where I work, TestStand was someone's hammer and every test solution was a nail.  We have several instances where TestStand was grossly overkill, where a more lightweight test executive would have been a better fit. 

I could write a short novel on all the hassle we've had with our TestStand based testers and the poor planning, development and implementation of it where I work, but I will refrain. (In fact, I did, but deleted it as it went on a long rant). 

I'll just simply say that I've inherited those @%$#@ machines and they've been nothing but a 4-year headache and I'm slowly replacing each one with a LabVIEW-Only solution.  The ones I've done so far perform much better/faster/stronger, are more robust and the operators gripe much less about them if at all.  In fact a "notoriously gripey" operator said that they "absolutely loved the new tester" after I had completely reworked it to eliminate TestStand.

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