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Open source alternatives to TestStand?

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4 hours ago, Jordan Kuehn said:

I was looking for one of your old tools the other day and I couldn't find it. Now I stumble across this several months after you posted the "trick". You are evil! 😆

Well. I removed my offerings from Lavag about 4 years ago, so it works :D 

But the real reason i removed them was that there used to be a size limit and I ran out. I deleted all files so I could post images in the threads going forward. You'll also find a lot of my old posts that no longer have images.

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On 4/23/2021 at 6:12 AM, pawhan11 said:

Has anyone here successfully migrated from TestStand to some open source automation frameworks?

In our hardware test we have a lot of things happening in parallel and so far I haven't found reliable alternative for TS. 

I would investigate cosmos.  I haven't migrated a complete project to it yet but I'm implementing data collection, storage and telemetry GUIs to it for a new project working with python and FPGA programmers.  A lot of the python programmers use python and it as a replacement for LabVIEW/TestStand.  I haven't used their Script-Runner (TestStand-ish stuff) but the current version is highly capable for data collection, saving, presentation, limit checking.  They are working on cosmos 5 which will run in a docker container and have web based gui's

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11 hours ago, Kurt Friday said:

我们正在考虑将我们的Medulla ViPER 测试执行程序开源。

我向悉尼 LabVIEW 用户组展示了 ViPER 架构和测试执行程序。您可以在下面的链接中查看演示文稿

ViPER 测试执行演示


This is really good news,

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