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Show us Your NI Gear (T-shirts, mugs, screwdrivers...)

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Ok, here comes another strange LAVA Forums thread.

I know you have them. Freebie T-shirts handed out by NI at various trade shows. Most of you wear them to sleep, or to hang aroung the house on weekends but I know you never even think of throwing them away right? Post pictures of the ones you have so we can try to fill-in the collection. I'm hoping someone has a LV2 T-shirt. Let's not just limit it to T-shirts. Why not thow in a few mugs and mouse pads...















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Here is my T from my first NIWeek in 95. I just happened to be wearing this (exercise) when I saw Michael's new thread:

Oh my god, I remember when Labview didn't have Undo, and then did! Or is that Undid the no undo? I remember being at a Labview Users Group Meeting at a MacWorld conference in Boston around 1994 or so where that was the "hot button issue" of the meeting (as in why no undo). Boy, that brings back memories...

So does the Labview 2 box, I'm forced to admit...

I feeling a little old right now... Time for a senior moment or something...

-Pete Liiva

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I never had to enjoy the benefit of no undo :P

Starting with LV3.?? at college and with LV4 on my first job I had this benefit. Do not remember me the screams throughout the laboratory building when someone accidentally selected too much and hit delete or when you hit delete instead of insert... several hours work gone in a fraction of a second... :throwpc:

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QUOTE(tcplomp @ Apr 17 2007, 04:11 PM)

Got this USB-bracelet (I was very thankful NI didn't go for the USB-thong) on NI-days here in the Netherlands. It holds a lot of the presentations given!

That actually looks useful, maybe I'll get one soon. I just hope this doesn't replace the screwdrivers...Those have saved me many times in the past...

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QUOTE(Eugen Graf @ May 31 2007, 03:34 PM)

It means "Gesundheit!" or "Here's to you!" and will be spoken like "cheers". It's russian.


"На здоровье" is russian (and to be pronouced "na zdarovia")

and "na zdrowie" is pure polish ("v" does not exist in polish)

the czech version is not far (equal?) to the polish version.

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