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The 5th dimension


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Ted Kennedy was beneath animal level. Ask Mary Jo Kopechne.

Maybe this awareness shows up during the teen years. That's why teens have a reputation for being difficult - they are trying to reconcile their past and current lives.

alfa, have you ever written anything in Labview?

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I thought it was 97.7%...

C'mon Chris, if you had read the book you would have known that 97.7% of people are below animal level.

This is apparently after they've been animals in past lives, so they seem to be devolving, but apparently it means that 17.7% manage to either stay at animal level or maybe go back to the human level? :blink:

BTW, the whole reincarnation thing goes really well with the quantam physics stuff.

The "e" constant from the numerics pallette will add some color variation to your signature.

Damn, I had thought of that and then forgot it.

Also, did you know that if you play with the ASCII values of those characters and with the e constant you can get to 97.7? :yes:

Did you notice that if you now add

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And it probably would be published if you offer it to the guys who publish this.

BTW, here's the way to get from crelf to alfa's magic number.

Download File:post-1431-1170957874.vi

Nice one Yen!

You managed to tie together CR, e, LF, and the Hitchhicker Guide all into one VI!

I would have suspected that "i" would have to enter into this equation SOMEWHERE.


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The teenagers want music; they listen to music, they have theirs favorite songs, they want new songs, they want to change the songs, to compose others…

The solution for them is a M-LabVIEW. A LabVIEW only for music, not expensive, with a controls palette only for music…

I believe National Instruments will sell a huge number of M-LabVIEW programs.

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QUOTE(didierj @ Mar 8 2007, 08:00 PM)

"Tea" :question: :blink: , I thought you were THE "coffee"-man?

Coffee? Nah - I haven't had a good cup of coffee in over a year and a half. For some reason, my palette doesn't agree with coffee over here. But tea? Oh yeah! I like to start my day off with a cup of green tea, and, depending on my mood, move to a Russian Caravan, Irish Breakfast, or a Earl Grey with lemon in the afternoon. I've also recently discovered a Turkish balck tea which is delightful with lemon, or (dare I say it?) lime.

You can take a boy out of the Commonwealth, but you can't take the Commonwealth out of the boy...

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QUOTE(AnalogKid2DigitalMan @ Mar 9 2007, 03:07 AM)

Crelf- you got a bunch of alcohol related ones under your post. What you puttin' in that tea boy?

Now you're talking! Nothing wrong with a good Irish Coffee :)

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QUOTE(yen @ Mar 8 2007, 02:53 PM)

I found both pictures when doing a search and couldn't decide which was funnier.

IMHO, definately the one on the left! The frozen look on the face is simply "perfect" for the caption!

-Pete Liiva

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