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  1. I don't really have an issue on this (however some direct attribution/link would be nice). However it brings up a strange angle in the whole NI.COM license discussion: The code is licensed under the BSD (while I don't specify it, attribution should be given). The ni.com license says 'Upload it and it belongs to us' (Shaun will love that wording) So uploading / sharing the code under the BSD license on the internet is OK, UNLESS you post it to ni.com. (other sites might be banned as well). Concluding the user is not breaking the BSD license, (if he attributes), but is breaking the ni.com EULA. Ton
  2. I have no idea what changed, but currently I get 40% improvement. Ton
  3. I only get a speed improvement of 4% LabVIEW 2012 Win7 32-bit Intel i5-2410M @2.3 GHz Ton
  4. RT @nickkristof: Why can't the US regulate guns as seriously as ladders? Grr. My column: http://t.co/AZPmPMG7 Please pass on!

  5. RT @codinghorror: You know what? F**k you, second amendment. Maybe we needed guns in the 1700s to have a voice or security. Not any more.

  6. I don't fully understand what happens from your description. You have an event structure with a timeout of 60.000 ms? The second logging you get, what timestamp does that have? Is it a logging close to the other one, or is it after 5 minutes? Can you post the code? Ton
  7. You've connected the wrong output of the String to number function: Ton PS the dark side is a nick name we have for the NI forums.
  8. No, the RGT is not compatible with the Open Office. The RGT uses the ActiveX instance of MS Office to build it's documents. However you could create your own classes that inherit from the RGT ones that communicates with Open Office. There is allready some code available. Ton
  9. Hello Fran├žois, I have issues with UI tools expansion packs. The controls don't show up in the editor. I see the issue in LV 2011 and LV 2012 This are my installed packages Here's how it looks: Debugging shows that: <vi.lib>\addons\LAVA\controls_lava_lib_ui_tools.mnu should point to: <user.lib>\_LavaCR\UI Tools\ Attached is a fix for this. controls_lava_lib_ui_tools.zip Ton
  10. And today it's 10-11-12!!!!!!!

  11. RT @labview_tools: NEWS->Websocket API For LabVIEW demo released->http://t.co/L03LWLeK

  12. Working on cool new Code Capture Tool layout....

  13. You can set the focues of a VI with the control property 'Has Focus'. The following snippets, loads a string, sets focus and selects the whole string: Ton
  14. You get the reference in the event 'Shortcut menu activation', you can then use this reference to set the 'value'. Ton
  15. No I did something different (but equally far more powerfull). First a typedef with some standard data, and a variant: Now I can call a VI with these args, and it will insert the args into the Cluster: That's why I added the 'extract variant' into th eJSON parser: This Way I can extend my calls with args without having to deal with them. And I still have a nice typedef with the generic information present. To be clear, Args was just a normal cluster, nothing Varianty about it. Ton
  16. Write to Spreadsheet file, does not produce an Excel file. It produces a file that Excel converts into an Excel file (you could open the file with any text editor like Notepad). Excel files like you need are build using the Excel ActiveX interface, and the Report Generation Toolkit is a method to control that. However I won't be surprised if there isn't some VBA on the internet (Excel code) to merge Excel files into one file with different sheets per source file. Ton
  17. Currently it's based in LV 2011. An abstraction away from JSON sounds interesting.
  18. I don't really have an opinion on the different errors, but we need to make sure we parse as much as possible. On a library/package I think we should look into making this Team LAVA worthy, and thus follow the Guidelines for locations and packaging. What should the name be? JSON LabVIEW (as it currently is) JSON API (which I prefer) And examples should be placed under the 'Examples' menu Ton PS For anyone interested in development, James, Shaun and I are totally working on it (see for yourself)
  19. You could set up a server using the Webservice functionality and connect to it with the HTTP protocol VIs. You even get security with that route. Ton
  20. You can look at the labviewwiki entry for mercurial. I suppose a lot of the info is the same. Ton
  21. And there are two API clients for LabVIEW (https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/sweet-apps/blog/2012/10/22/never-pick-your-own-lottery-numbers-again#comment-24578). Full download at bitbucket Ton
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