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  1. ufff... before VIPM there was an open source "equivalent", it's the OpenG Commander
  2. There is no shame in asking for help, it's only if you never ask questions that you'll remain ignorant all your life It's probably all about settings in the INI files next to your EXEs. Have a look at this discussion. First your 2 EXEs have to use different ports ; to set the port, use "server.tcp.port=3385" in the INI file next to your EXE Then the VIs in EXE A that need to be accessed from EXE B needs to be declared in the b.INI with something like "server.vi.access = "+vi_name.vi;+other_vi_name.vi;...etc..." Hope this helps
  3. I sometimes use LabVIEW on a mac and can help for testing, ping me if you'd like me to run some tests for you.
  4. Do you think a discount on your Developer Suite annual fee based on how many unresolved CAR you own is a good idea? Or maybe you'd prefer a bug bounty program? See here
  5. I've been lucky to never have to deal with that kind of challenges :-o
  6. I don't think that's the way to calculate this... the 48kHz is the max line rate, if you want 10fps with 2048 lines and 4096 columns, I'd calculate like this : 2048*4096*10/(1024*1024)=80MBytes According to this you're fine with GigE. One advice if you go with GigE and NI avoid the PCIe 8231 and 8235 and prefer the PCIe 8236 and 8233. We've have had a huge amount of problems with 8231 and 8235 and replacing them with 8236 or 8233 (even without using the PoE) was always a solution. NI technical support could never explain nor solve the issue and I'm still pretty bitter about this.
  7. I avoid GigE like the plague, I know lots of people go this way (even my co-workers) but I simply don't trust it. I've never had had any issues with Camera Link so I stick to that. It does add extra cost for the frame grabber, but at least I'm confident I won't have disconnection issues. USB3 seams to be the next thing for cheap application but I wouldn't jump on it too early. CoaXPress seams to be the high speed successor for GigE but NI doesn't support it (yet??).
  8. What problems are you afraid of with a MacOS version of LabVIEW? I use VMWare on my Mac to run a Windows version of LabVIEW and I'm happy with it.
  9. I tend to agree with you but clearly that's not Olivier's point of view... Saphir's probes (see LVTN) are full of XControls [edit] of course if it's only for one project... it may not be worth at all
  10. maybe an XControl could help you with this, no?
  11. you are a Mac user and you'd like LabVIEW to look beautiful on retina displays? vote here
  12. we've asked this from NI multiple times but they say it would be too much work to fully support reading and displaying dxf files, we came up with an compromise that was acceptable for our customers, they have to export their dxf without arcs and then we can parse the dxf files to generate overlays that we display on in IMAQ image. would that work for you knowing it requires the Vision Development Module licence?
  13. Hello To find out which controller is being used you can use property nodes on the imaq session, but in your case, if you want your software to control all the acquisition parameters you can use the IMAQ set attribute VI and then you don't have to care about what's in the icd file on the computer. Hope this helps
  14. your app is using more CPU but is it running as fast, faster or slower. I mean... ok it takes twice as much CPU but you don't say anything about what it does and if it runs faster.
  15. up to date smartphones have barometers to measure elevation, no?
  16. I love the "write once" option, great job! I use variant attributes alot because it's flexible and fast for searching by name, this package makes it even easier to implement. Cheers
  17. You should add it to the LabVIEW Wiki with the other easter eggs : http://labviewwiki.org/LabVIEW_configuration_file/Easter_Eggs
  18. That's not too bad... A nasty virus can end up costing you a lot more than that!
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