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  1. [I hope] I'm within ten years of retirement and I expect that there's plenty of support work here to last me that long. In the meantime, our larger team has been developing in Microsoft Java C# for years now and it's moving into our business. It's time for an old dog to learn a new trick.
  2. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to read.
  3. One of my past managers said, "This isn't a laboratory so why are we using LabVIEW?" I'm sure he didn't capitalize it correctly when he said it, but I'm glad he (and his colleagues) aren't here anymore. :shakesfist:
  4. This sounds ambitious. >> After annotating the dataset, I will train a machine learning model to detect the block diagrams. This sounds like it should come first? This feels more approachable because, as Shaun said, there is a lot of code available in VIPM. There's also a ton on these (and NI's) fora that can easily be labeled as having a block diagram. Labeling a diagram as an "experimental setup" is more difficult; labeling it with the specific type of setup will be even harder and judging the quality of the programming (so you can "recommend how the investigation can continue from the similar setups") will be (nearly) impossible. Good luck, though.
  5. I asked it to and it said something about not being able to do graphics. Sounds like a lot of people I've worked with.
  6. Please forgive the intrusion as I'm neither of the "A"s* in "LAVA", but I just finished the NI OO class (and slept in a Holiday Inn last night) and wonder if that's not something I could use interfaces for. * neither Advanced nor Architect
  7. >> If anyone is interested I can share the results later on. Done, and interested. I want to know how many I got right! 😕
  8. I worked with an engineer named "Glen". Glen was the inventor of GXI, or "Glen's Expense-able Interface" with a small selection of I/O devices to choose from. It sounds similar to what your guy did, but for a different reason. None of his projects came with a budget for test equipment!
  9. Off topic, but you've struck on a perfect name for my next online chess account! I'll drop the "you're" and add a few underscores, but that's it. Thanks.
  10. This is pertinent to the discussion on Unicode, but more related to the meme - https://www.joelonsoftware.com/2003/10/08/the-absolute-minimum-every-software-developer-absolutely-positively-must-know-about-unicode-and-character-sets-no-excuses/
  11. I had dreams of someday going to one and taking selfies with all of my LabVIEW heroes.
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