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Many of the presenters at NI Week promoted the LabVIEW Idea Exchange here.

I have been reading, voting and posting to the idea exchange for awhile and just posted several new ideas/complaints that I thought of while attending NI Week. I challenge all LAVA members to visit the exchange and vote for the ideas you agree with (especially mine ;) ). And if you don't agree, post a comment and tell me why!

Then post your own ideas so we can all vote of them too.

The more feedback we give, the better LabVIEW will be in the future.


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John Lokanis, which is your idea? Can you provide us with a direct link?

My idea is for True .NET Support


I basically think that NI should spend some more time and effort making LabVIEW inter operate with other programming languages and technologies better because I hope to use LabVIEW to co-develop applications already written in other languages!

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Hi all,

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I've posted a few ideas on the LabVIEW Idea Exchange if you think they're worth, please vote :)

- "Open Private Callees" and "Open Public Callees" options from the project window

- "Open all Callers" option from the project window

- More exclusion settings for the VI Hierarchy

- Bad wire gets cleared automatically when it can (when you re-wire, the bad part is removed)

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