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Reading the @eyesonvis last blog entry about splitterbars reminded me off two Ideas about wanting to be able to use them also in tab pages.



Basically both ideas say: tab-pages should be panes!

I.m.h.o I don't see enough LAVA in the kudos list, so I though I'd just give it a plug here. :)

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So I know I posted a link to all my ideas earlier in the thread, but here are a few I feel really should get some more love:

  1. Show the default value of controls in subVIs which aren't required in the tip strip (will allow you to stop having to write the default value in the label, should have an effect on everyone)
  2. Add an easily accessible way to close an application (everybody needs to close their EXE at the end. This should happen automatically, so vote for this. Now).
  3. Add "Add Element" and "Remove Element" to the Index Array context menu
  4. Adding a "(don't) wait until done" option to the Call By Reference node (a huge improvement if you run VIs dynamically using the Run VI method)
  5. Use the wiring tool to swap inputs or outputs which have been wired incorrectly
  6. Quick VI icon creation
  7. Add a "Concatenate Indexing" option for arrays leaving loops (relatively popular, but could still use a boost)

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This idea is not mine but I think it's great and everyone on the forums would benefit from it, please support it.

Create Snippets for Previous Version

Why would that be on the IE? They don't maintain the Code Capture Tool.

LabVIEW offers a built in option to create snippets. It's a very inflexible method to create snippets.

But I am working on the CCT functionality for this feature.


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I commented on an idea located here.

What I added to the idea was that Probes should have a Probe Manager window that allows the user to record a timestamp for selected probes. The advantage would be that you could measure time across VIs as well as within, without creating sequence structures.

If you like the idea, vote it up, point me to a duplicate or help define the idea better. I just like the concept and want to see the probes improved a bit...

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