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Best LabVIEW design feature



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"Create Sub-vi" function.

Saves hours if time when prototyping by allowing hierarchy realisation, easy modularisation and, of course, cleaning up diagrams. All in one step thumbup1.gif. Imagine what you would have to go through if you wanted to replace some code with a sub-vi if we didn't have it worshippy.gif

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Nobody has mentioned the obvious feature...

Data Flow

By using graphical represenations of opeartions, typos* and syntax errors are eliminated.

Memory management

No need to check limit malloc and debug access violations. For those cases where the memory allocations are not obvious LV includes "Show Buffer Allocations" to let us SEE where the buffers are located.


* anyone that has read more than one of posts should understand why I really apprecaite the lack of syntax.

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Undo! Yes, that's it!

I still remember the fuss some members of the LV user community made over LV developers "wasting their time" implementing undo...

Ooooh. Yes! and that reminds me of "PERVERT" "REVERT". For those "dead end" moments when you've been owned by the spaghetti biggrin.gif

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Self-indexing for loops.

Beats ANY other language hands down as they don't have an equivalent.and have to put length checks all over the place and usually get it wrong :yes:.


Actually that is not entirely true. If you have an iterable object in Java or .Net you can write somewhat more tense code.


Java uses:


for (<type> obj : objList)


and .Net has a special keyword


foreach (<type> obj in objList)

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The diagram clean up button. No one else will have a 'Make code look nice' button. I wish I had it in other parts of my life...


Actually most modern text code IDEs have nowadays auto-intend with configurable code style rules so there certainly exists a "make code look nice" function there, although it is usually a menu and not a button.

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Good discussions are timeless.  There's lots of great content on LAVA that goes dormant, but its still there.  I would almost put XControls in the best features, and worst features list personally.  I still stand by my debugging comment from almost 11 years ago. 

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