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Best LabVIEW design feature



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In my part of the world everyone's winding down for their summer holidays! So I thought I'd start a pair of topics to sing the praises (and raise the sins) of LabVIEW. In this topic:

:thumbup1: What design feature in LabVIEW do you most appreciate? The one that when you use it, you think "this is just so easy". Or that you'd most miss if you had to program in another language.

For me, it would be the ease with which multiple cores/threads can be used, either with concurrent loops, or with the Parallel For Loop - having done some OpenMP and MPI programming (in Fortran of all things!), LabVIEW just makes this so much more straight-forward. Huge kudos to all who developed these features over the years.

OK, what about you?

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G-code. This is the most important "feature," or more like a generation advancement. Dealing with the UI can be difficult, but, should I don't think it is any harder than other languages, just different. I don't have any regrets with leaving C behind in the dust. (I just hope that the NI R&D guys keep up the "I program in C so you don't have to" mentality.)

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From the IDE side: long live the quick drop.

Best set of features: Synchronization objects and structures. That upgrade (6.1?) will forever be the best.

Best underdeveloped feature: OOP. I *love* that its here, but it could and should be so much more.

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Highlight execution/Breakpoints for debugging. Seriously what would I do without it? Having the ability to read variables in real time on a text based language is nice, but not as good as what LabVIEW can do. That's usually the feature I show programmers of text languages. That and not needing to compile to run code, well it does compile just not having to explicitly compile to run code.

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I wish to change my answer, now that LV2010 takes about 4 times more time to compile my application it became my favorite feature, and this is why.

Worst threads is getting ahead so...

How about the multiple object property thing? I used to have to select each widget one at a time and change the font color etc. Not anymore!


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Good point! I was thinking of something else but... It is still a nice feature that is handy.

Don't you like it?


I neither like nor dislike. I don't really use it much since I tend to get one control just how I like it then copy it. What I do love though is that you can select a load of controls and make them exactly the same size at the click of a button.

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