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how to have a break on a serial bus which is 1ms

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Hi guys,

My last question before going to enjoy the weekend. How can I put a break on the serial bus which is long exactely 1ms? I tryed to use the set break function but it make a break which isn't less than 2ms.

Actualy I wish that NI will give us the possibility to have a control of the micro seconds but, at the moment, such as everybody knows, it isn't possible!


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Thank you guys for your support in this matter.

I have solved the problem using a little trick, I'm changing the baud rate of the serial port with a less resolution then I write a 0x00 character on the bus then I change again the baud rate to the value it has to work and then I send the bytes on the bus. This allows me to send the right break on the bus which is used for synchronizing the device.

But it would be nice to have the possibility to have a break which is add up to 1ms exactely!

Thank you all....


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