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Take the control of your NI LabVIEW application with an iPad or iPhone

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Wezarp allows a software application to be controlled by a remote device such as a tablet, a smartphone or a computer.


The first release of our website www.wezarp.com is now online !!! Wezarp for NI LabVIEW is available... Don't hesitate to download and try the 30-day free trial version !


Here is a video demonstration on how to use Wezarp with NI LabVIEW




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This looks great. I've been urging NI to provide this solution for years. Good to see that others are taking care of user needs. I'm seeing a lot of this lately.


LabVIEW may finally become versatile if a user interface can be presented on a tablet or mobile device. Others are also making LabVIEW target other devices. It's starting to look good.


Kudos for a great product!

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Hi everybody


Wezarp will be on the LVTN very soon. In the meantime we can send you a quote. Just ask at sales@wezarp.com

The price is 2450 Euros for one development computer. Then you will be able to create any NI LabVIEW application including Wezarp server and deploy all the executables you want without any runtime to pay.

All Wezarp client are free of charge.


Don't hesitate to ask for further information !


Jeff from Wezarp

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Cool tool!


Your video says "Multi-client and multi-control are compliant" at 3:30. However, if one client changes windows, that forces the other clients to change to the same window too. Can different clients work on different windows at the same time?

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Concidering purchase of Wezarp... As you all know this product is expensive... but for me, the time savings from updating current software vs just insert this VI and recompile justifies the cost.


I downloaded the demo and tried it... seems to work really good, had small issue, but tech support was awesome (this gives me a comfy feeling about the company) that said, would really appreciate the opinion of other LabVIEW professionals. If you have tried Wezarp, pleased chime in... or if you just have an opinion about this type of software chime it also....


Thanks in advance...



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