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GIGE camera in cRIO

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Hi all,


I am trying to get images from a GIGE camera connected to the secondary ethernet port of cRIO 9082. I cannot see my camera in MAX. I have installed NI IMAQdx, NI Vision RT in cRIO. I cannot see NI IMAQ server as an option to install if I go to the custom installation page. Is that the problem? If so how do I get it?


P.S: I can see that LabVIEW Real-Time 2013 Support for NI-IMAQ 4.9 is installed in my PC




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It sounds like you've done everything right as far as I can tell.  Does the camera work on a non cRIO device?  Can you just plug it into your PC and have it show up in MAX?  In Windows you have to enable Jump Packets, is there something like that on cRIO?  Even if that wasn't there I'd still expect the hardware to be detected.


This sounds like a thing NI can probably help with more.  Are you getting support from an applications engineer on this yet?

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