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run myrio vi from PC vi

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hello all,

Firstly I am very new to labview so i apologise in advance if i ask some stupid questions.

i am running a vi on my rio ( simple analog in/out express vi s) and another vi on my PC. i am communicating between them through shared variable and it works perfectly, only thing is i have to manually run both vi s.

my question is, is there a simple way to start the vi on myrio from the vi on my PC? 

PS:- i tried to work with vi server but i failed because of my limited knowledge. 

any help will be much aprreciated.

Thanks & Regards,


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Not really.  I mean when you run your host VI on your PC you would need to compile the RT VI for the target, and optionally any FPGA compiling that needs to take place, then deploy it.  I think it might be possible but probably isn't what you want.

A better solution might be to just write your code for the myRIO, and then have it run on startup.  Then your myRIO is always running, and always looking for a request to do something.  Sorry I don't have any specifics I don't have a myRIO to test with, or any available RT hardware.

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To clarify some, you will need to create a build specification under the myRIO target in your Project Explorer using your main myRIO VI, set it as run as startup, build, and deploy.  Then it should be able to run headless and you can run just the Windows VI.  You'll likely need to take into consideration that it won't have anything talking to it unless the Windows VI is running and have it handle that appropriately.  I think this will accomplish what you are wanting.  You will need to rebuild and deploy each time you change the myRIO code.

On a side note, I really want to get one of these to play with at home.  They are cool little embedded targets with built-in wifi.  Lots of potential!  I had a customer a couple years ago that had a few we used to develop some standalone applications that could be interacted with remotely.

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